-replaces Facebook:
-Diaspora: diasporafoundation.org/
-Aardwolf (alpha?): aardwolf.social/
-Patchwork/SSB: scuttlebutt.nz/

-replaces Instagram:
-Lychee (Self-hosted only/not federated):
-quit.im: quit.im/

-replaces WhatsApp:
-Matrix: matrix.org/
-Signal: signal.org/
-Jitsi: jitsi.org/
-IRC(Self-hosted only/not federated)

@funbreaker nitpicker's corner:

> -IRC(Self-hosted only/not federated)

IRC used to be federated, but the federation broke apart in the Eris incident. Basically, the protocol is very naïve and trusting of netops, allowing them to do global operations, and eris was intentionally configured to allow federation with any server - so anyone could just apply global netop commands....

@funbreaker @angristan there's also Wire though it's not federated so you have to self host or use the official server (same as signal)

@funbreaker @angristan Nice and dandy (that's why I am here), but nothing's going to replace people using fb/tt/insta.

@funbreaker sad to hear that. But Durov said that Telegram will stand for freedom and privacy, isn’t he?

@funbreaker Great list; thank you. Replacements for Tumblr: ello

@funbreaker add Keybase.io -- replaces Dropbox + WhatsApp + Github + Slack (sort of)

Je ne connaissais ni lychee ni quitim... Y a-t-il des personnes qui ont testé les 2? Ça me parle et je vais creuser: merci

@funbreaker Do any of these have a way of making posts visible only by people on a list of trusted friends, enforced with cryptography (rather than sending the plaintext and trusting that all federations servers are honest)?

@acb @funbreaker Only true p2p can do this in a meaningful way.

Maybe possibly storing private keys in the browser is a compromise, but storing it in a real local node is far safer than trusting the admin to never subvert the code to steal your key.
@clacke @acb @funbreaker

text/image files -> tarred -> encrypted+signed with pgp -> gzipped -> converted to png -> dm'ed to recipient

@funbreaker problem with replacing whatsapp (here in the UK at least), is no one really uses anything else. So there's no real point in using an alternative messenger if no one uses it.

So this perpetual cycle continues. Such a shame, as there are some great alternatives out there.

@funbreaker great list, thanks.

I like really the idea of quit.im, but it seems incredibly slow on safari on my iPhone. Hardly loads at all. Anyone know of an app for it? Couldn’t find anything in the App Store, but it can be hard to find stuff there sometimes.


> replaces Facebook
- Hubzilla (hubzilla.org / medium.com/we-distribute/the-d)
- indieweb (indieweb.org)

> replaces Instagram
- indieweb (indieweb.org)

@funbreaker or you could just not replace any of them. I’m rather over ‘social media’ while still valuing social networking. Just finishing book ‘Deep Work’ - good read.

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