trying to transfer out a domain from eSpace2001 and company name checks out. No EPP code option on their panel so gotta submit a ticket and wait. Just like in 2001.

it's been such a hard week but oh well. toughen up and get better.

quitting your job to become the next great esports athlete when you're 42 and have 4 kids should the latest update to the American Dream™

you can see me type in 42686 hours in years in google, as an easter egg

i love that apple fans seemed to be the ones most upset about Duplex, and yet they all laugh when Steve Jobs literally prank called starbucks live on stage in 2007

was skipping past a youtube video and the youtube player now seems to use an icon of a fidget spinner as its buffering indicator


It comes with RAID 0 and Debian 7 pre-installed. Could be a good box to experiment with KVM but only 4gb of ram :dank:

Finally got the 5.99 atom dedicated server from firstheberg after waiting for a month. I don't know what to do with it though 😂

got a weird crackling noise when doing hdajackretask so i guess my next weekend will be for troubleshooting alsa stuff

yay fun :dank:

Never opened once in my life and i have the site opened in one of my opened tab.

Am i having a stroke?

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here's how my writing / editing process on social media works:

type: how the fuck <stuff>?!
edit: how the heck <stuff>?!?!?!

and then in blog posts:

how very <stuff>!

"B-but sir that was not serious, i only posted it because it's a cartoon frog with expression of relief on his face, I..."

"That's enough David. I've always thought you have a tendency to sympathize with the Nazi. Now we know for sure. I'm afraid the Geek Squad can no longer associate with you."

Imagine getting fired for posting a pepe meme once on your throwaway my little pony twitter account


There is AutoKey but it's not directly compatible with .pxi file, i guess it's time to spend some time adding all these phrases manually

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