I don't think I've ever seen @alcinnz brag about adrian.geek.nz/docs.html

which is a wonderful list of "how does X piece of software work"

My only complaint is I wish there were like a BUNCH so I could "random page" it like short stories.

@emsenn Yeah, it's been a while...

I should write a few more...

@alcinnz I feel like I saw you write one just a few weeks ago?

I mean like, I want hundreds, like how there are hundreds of like, SCP entries or something.

That said I can't even be bothered ot write equivalent docs for MY software so....

@emsenn I've certainly tooted on the topic somewhat recently, but I need to figure out what was duplicates of what I already wrote...

Well, I can certainly find topics for which I don't have those questions!

@emsenn Relatedly, I do make sure that every new Odysseus feature is reflected in my userguide: odysseus.adrian.geek.nz/guide.

I don't think I'm the best at writing docs, but at least I make the effort!

@alcinnz @emsenn this is amazing, really cool stuff, you *should* boast about it.. what a great and worthy labour, specially because you know, programmers are not exactly known for puttying efforts in documentation :) documentation is always a worthy labour in benefit of humanity :)

@gassahara @emsenn Thanks! I will!

Btw I'm just starting to think about using Linux From Scratch as a guide towards which other projects to document. But first I'll probably tackle Haskell libraries I'm using...


@alcinnz @emsenn Haskell documentation? don't be a hero. save yourself! :)
Seriously that's awesome... haskell is the only "high level" language (as we understand it today) i like (one should not need any other, from formalization to deploy)
LFS is the best way i can think of dedicating efforts (because with every theme one could guide exactly from zero dependencies installed to configuration, all from source), If you ever want a hand, just drop a line...

@gassahara @alcinnz I've never seriously looked at Haskell.

I know nothing about it.

I've been looking at using Lua.

Pitch me Haskell, if you want.

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