Drew DeVault ( @sir )has a new blog entry making a case for the Web being dead.

"We have no recourse left to preserve the web. This is why I'm throwing my weight behind Gemini, a protocol which is much simpler than the web, and which you can implement yourself in a weekend. Forget about the web, it's a lost cause. Let's move on."



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@dublinux @sir I hear and feel that frustration with what client-side web technology has become. but hypertext is really still not that complicated. you can write a web server in less than twenty lines of most popular programming languages (albeit not a secure or scalable one, and you'll rely on another http implementation), but if simplicity is what you want, look to the #indieweb movement for accessible, hackable tools.

@travisfw @dublinux @sir Also: The Web can be *almost* as simple as Gemini (depending on how much you want to implement) if only sites would stop relying on JavaScript (and less importantly CSS).

Which I find a majority of websites do, it's just the popular sites which are a problem!

That's my experience anyways!

@alcinnz @dublinux @sir yeah JS always seemed like a mistake. from my first exposure to it in 2001.

@travisfw @dublinux @sir Yeah, now the question is: How do we put the genie back into the bottle?


@alcinnz @travisfw @dublinux @sir This is where Stallman (controversial I know) is right inn being annoying, if you go browse a site with firefox with no-script installed and this site shows you a blank page most users would say no-script makes the web unusable (heard it on a podcast one time) but the correct action would be to notify the author that their page is broken, because it is... a website should be written in HTML according to W3C and everything is else is adidtional!

@gassahara I use noscript and it's really frustrating how many things are completely broken with it

For interactive sites like on fedi it's justifiable but at least they expose nice apis for it, but so many news sites just *don't work*

and even things like birdsite make you wait several seconds before prompting you to redirect to "legacy twitter", why does that make any sense?

@lunch oh, on birdsite is really anoying, since you can view images and *some* replies but only after they keep repeating you: hey! this is weird, are you sure you're doing it right? =)
and the legacy version is not their legacy version, i remember that site and it had all replies, and images, they don't show you that now, it's really cumbersome =)
But No-Script is liberating, you don't want my way? you don't have my eyes :)

@lunch @gassahara I use nitter.net to follow links to birdsite, as it does not require JavaScript.

@sankakujin @lunch Thank you, will try it, had trouble testing right now, surely after some tinkering i'll get it =)

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