Apparently I missed big drama on here around the RIAA abusing the DMCA system again. I hate the RIAA and the DMCA law but i also don't understand the sense of urgency in some folks' toots about this particular incident.

Don't forget to write to your congressperson, again.

Also, if you've ever wondered why Karaoke was hugely popular in America in the 90's and lost steam in the 2000's, it is because the music industry (Sony and Warner) sued everyone, including my father's business, so a great deal of the business's money went into pieces of paper in PACER. TL;DR They won and took everything business related and additionally considered going after my dad personally. No more new Karaoke music meant no more popular karaoke songs.

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Last thing I have to say on this: cloning the yt-dl doesn't affect these bad actors in the industry. They frankly don't give a shit if you have the code. They aren't stupid, they know how git works. They want to send a message.

So if it makes you feel great, clone it. But don't deceive yourself into thinking it's "sticking it to the man" or "activism". That comes from hitting them where it really hurts: pushing for copyright reform.

Write to your congresspeople.

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@cj I agree, but it's great to see so many folks angered by this. Those who are against github censorship and Microsoft stealing the value created by this #FOSS community, may I suggest:

- try to use alternatives
- help projects which are creating alternatives
- help others to move
- don't alienate those who don't move, they will come
- use github against itself

My own effort started last Sunday, hosted on github πŸ€” :

@happybeing I think your efforts are very important -- and I think you should connect with the ForgeFed folks. Y'all have a lot of overlapping thoughts in this space.

However, I think it is important to carefully manage expectations on what tech actually helps accomplish.

Migrating to alternatives will not stop companies using their capital and the legal system to attempt to grapeshot the community with DMCAs and/or litigation.


@happybeing This was played out in the early and mid 2000's with the music industry.

People used decentralization to circumvent the censorship. But what the beancounters saw was that it simply increased the legal cost of getting their way.

They simply allocated more capital to go after individual users and small businesses to kill the culture, and win.

So we as a community have to be realistic on what getting more people to use decentralized tech actually will and won't accomplish.

Change the law.

@cj can you say more about ForgeFed, the 'fed' is discouraging and I don't have time to look into everything but if there's something particular?

@happybeing the 'Fed' in #forgefed indeed refers to federation, which I know you don't see as the way to go. ForgeFed extends #activitypub as separate vocabulary that allows different code forges to interact.

Main dev is @fr33domlover who is also developing #vervis forge. See

There's a list of forges under consideration for integration, see

Note that fedi could as well be #p2p and e.g. @cwebber @cj and @pukkamustard among others are interested.

@humanetech @cwebber @pukkamustard @cj @fr33domlover @happybeing I'd like to emphasize that a vocabulary to express issues, PRs etc is useful whether you're in a federated or distributed setting.

The "Fed" is intended as a contrast to centralization and should not automatically be taken as a limitation on how far it can go in the decentralized direction.

@clacke @cwebber @pukkamustard @cj @humanetech @fr33domlover @happybeing I believe that distinction is important,common protocols (and API's when this is impossible)would be a great way to help some folks to migrate /from/ centralization,on decentralized vs federated is necessary to be aware that on some nodes exposition is just not possible a federated alternative or gateway would be nice.Also relevant to OP I don't think the goal is to /hurt/ mainstream options just to create alternatives?

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@gassahara @cwebber @pukkamustard @cj @humanetech @fr33domlover @happybeing I'm struggling to find the exact article I'm thinking of on mlinksva's vast blog, but diminishing profits in proprietary media is the best key indicator of success for peer-based and commons-based media production.

The attention economy *is* a zero-sum game. Succeeding means hurting the competition when the competition has ~100% of the market.


> Succeeding means hurting the competition when the competition has ~100% of the market.

Or creating new markets where that competition has no handholds and gains no traction, i.e.'flowing around' the competition.

@cwebber @pukkamustard @cj @fr33domlover @gassahara @happybeing

@clacke What does "succeeding" means in this context?, is it peer-to-networks or artist who succeed (in the context presented)?

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