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The EFF on FLoC, Google's plan for browsers to aggregate your browsing habits and make them public for ad-personalization: Short summary: it's a bad idea and if you care about privacy you should switch to a non-Chrome browser.

Technical summary: it's based on k-anonymity (, known as inadequate at protecting individual privacy in social networks ( If you use Chrome, assume all bad guys on the web can see all your browsing.

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Today we're kicking off the #GNU Assembly!

This is a new umbrella for GNU people seeking transparent decision-making and built around consensus. It's the result of a decade of struggle to make #GNU inclusive, transparent, and community-driven.

#GNU contributors: consider joining!

#FreeSoftware activists: help us spread the word!

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Siempre he sabido de los datos que se recolectan en la cuenta de google (todos), sin embargo, confieso mi ignorancia, sobre la posibiliad (aun dudo de la efectividad pero al menos he seguido los pasos) de optar no participar en algunas de las campanas de recoleccion, gracias a, cuenta que de seguro todos ya siguen, he rectificado mi ignorancia...
En cuanto a las Politicas de Permiso de parte de los desarrolladores permanezco esceptico de cuan efectivo sea.

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Plausible has opted out of Google FLoC!

Visits to our site will not be included when Google determines a cohort to share with their partners for personalized advertising purposes.

We recommend other sites to opt out of FLoC too!

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@[email protected]:

Here is a book store where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one will ‘judge a book by its cover’


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#Zpaq is used as a Kolmogorov complexity approximation tool in the following article:

Phylogeny of the COVID-19 Virus SARS-CoV-2 by Compression (

Original source:

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@pybonacci le realiza una muy interesante entrevista a @ekaitz_zarraga
El pretexto su libro "Programación en #Python "

Pero la excusa es lo de menos... muy interesante, aunque Ekaitz no lo crea! :þ

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The ad industry is moving away from the anonymous profiling that cookies enabled, and is planning to demand email addresses and other personally-identifiable information instead. This would be a step backward for users.

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Talleres libres

Ante un Internet cada vez más insegura y violenta invitamos a las organizaciones defensoras de los derechos humanos, colectivas, comunidades, medios digitales y grupos a solicitar los talleres de seguridad digital o cuidados digitales con software libre.

Conoce prácticas y herramientas para navegar y habitar de manera segura en los espacios digitales.

Es gratis, es libre. (:

Agenda aquí:
[email protected]

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Amusing quote from McLarty's "Grothendieck on simplicity and generality" (2003,, via

"Serre created a series of concise elegant tools which Grothendieck and coworkers simplified into thousands of pages of category theory."

Nowadays I guess the people doing this sort of simplification are the ones formulating machine-verifiable proofs...

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What is the computational complexity of dinosaur train tracks?

Answer: not very high, because the only usable junction, a Y that remembers which way you came through it and sends you the same way if you come back through the other direction, is just not powerful enough to do much.

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Weird probability distributions on dyadic rationals from a simple averaging process ( start with the two-element multiset {0,1}, repeatedly draw two-element samples (without replacement) from the multiset and include the average into the multiset. The result tends to cluster around some value, not the same value every time but itself drawn from a bimodal distribution, with the clustering sort of looking Cauchy but not quite. Interesting new MathOverflow question.

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Directo al podcatcher. No Va De Linux (Va de Gnu/Linux) #podcast muy divertido e interesante! darles cariño en @novadelinux
proyecto de la mano de @t3rr0rz0n3 y @spectrumgirl enjoy! #podboat #gpodder

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A quick experiment ... have a look at this page:

If you have read one of the books, would you reply saying which one, and a collection of hashtags that apply to it?

If you haven't read any and want to try again, just re-load the page.

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Today I learned that "voxel" means "volume element." Indeed, a pixel is a "picture element".

At the next level, we have "toxels", which are temporal voxels, set in a 4D matrix, dedicated to spacetime systems study.

Why not "tixels"? Because tixels are "tactile elements" used in haptic technologies. Not to be mistaken for "texels", which are "texture elements", the fundamental units of texture maps.

And before you ask, "resels" are for spatial resolution in an image or a volume.

That's el.

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