Halfway - that is, through book one of . I took a long time to around to reading it. is strong in .

"Think social media is a bit out of control? It might be because there's no way to de-escalate conflict, which is an essential part of functional human societies. Here's my proposal for one way to do so, allowing people to admit their mistakes on @twitter.

nickpunt.com/blog/deescalating "

via: twitter.com/nickpunt/status/12

Got to the table again and had a narrow win: 65 - 57.

is a great genre for . has just a little too much genitalia for my tastes. Looking beyond that, it is a fascinating and dark word that has been created here.

I got crushed in today. A great game and a fast one. It really went well with 4 people.

I won my first game of in . It's not the easiest, and being consistent will be tough.

Ran a slightly new route adding only 400m but a nice hill. Ankle recovery has been slow, but it's nice to have a hill again. Even only 67m of elevation gain.

Like , doesn't build character. It reveals character, dragging and kicking it into the open.

A gorgeous clear night to run in - cold enough to keep it comfortable. Even the shoes felt lovely.

Reading the at the moment. Getting a good look at who beyond human conception.

This is a great little game. works very well and is a real challenge. It's a fun game with good scope for variation.

Toes + doors + 10km mud runs = one seriously poor decision.

- a show that I have recently enjoyed a great deal. Steve Backshall was someone I had never heard of before.


- it is a simple game that got a bit slagged in reviews. For me, this is a great game. Simple to learn and a tonne of strategy to explore. This is a family favourite. And I got !!

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