New Zealand skies at 4pm on a summer afternoon, no filter. Seriously freaky apocalyptic look. is doing it tough.

Really sad to see so many burnt and worse. I hope that this disaster causes some real change in how handles its .

Let's share this around, bet he fucking hates seeing this.

#36C3 The Moxie talk was what I expected. A long list of reasons why he doesn't like decentralization. His arguments that centralized systems are more censorship resistant by relying on proxies/vpns were flimsy and the usual idea of foccussing on things which are easy rather than things which are more robust to changes isn't futureproof at all.

There are going to be even more problems in future and centralized systems are not going to hold up well. If whatever jurisdiction Moxie's server is in decides to have an internet shutdown then it's game over. It doesn't matter if the user interface is easy if the server is gone.

From , 's political rights are under discussion. The fear is complexity of existing rights. I see it in much simpler terms (albeit inadequate): self-determination is a right of ALL people.

is a right. No matter how uncomfortable it is for the dominant power or .

? Check out the service run by @libreture. Massively cool storage and social service. Support .

is the poster child of a failed philosophy, along with . matter. lies are worthless.

"According to Beijing, the U.S. 'smears' of China is affecting global stability however, China's Intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, and violation of contract law actually makes the world a better place." - Skydiver Commet. On point.

's "smears against China's sovereignty affect global stability and development" - Chinese diplomat. Really? Not the Chinese imprisonment of 1 million ? Not the Chinese construction of islands in the South China Sea?? Not the Chinese eradication of culture? What a f***ing joke.... acting like the victim.

and shock me with their decision to deny status on the grounds someone comes from "firmly controlled Damascus". Controlled by a regime that has a less than acceptable human rights record. is a douchebag . Pure and simple. Sweden and Denmark, wake up to yourselves.

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