Made in 1979, this is still a classic poke at religious people and theological splitters. Watched it again last night and still giggled at some classic scenes. "Thwow the floow vewy woughly!"

Getting back to my old love of about the fascinating . Kelly polarised a nation and continues to do so even now, 140 years after his execution in Melbourne.

Checking out , Avenue5 with Hugh Laurie and a host of really cool talent. Quite likeable.

After checking out Facebook tool, found two apps shared data with the stalker. ? Check!

After about 5 years of trying, I finally got my wife to get ! Resistance to is amazing as much as it is shocking.

....a cute book, I think, that has a lot of interdimensional physics and . I really liked it, despite the many reviews that I read that did not. in its own way...a nice little book. I did not buy it from Crapazon, but can't recall where I got it. lol

Anyone into really old games, more retro than Moses, this little number might be for ur pleasure (see what I did??). This is the Royal of , game for the rich, found in the 1920's and now held by the Brit . It's the oldest known (4,500 years of retro). Based on the 4-dice rules from Irving Fink ( and expert in these things).

New Zealand skies at 4pm on a summer afternoon, no filter. Seriously freaky apocalyptic look. is doing it tough.

Resolutely , Sergeant Thunderhoof are among the best from the . Mind bending and cool. Check them on !

- they come from Barcelona (the same place as the most screwed up stalker I have ever met) and the is awesomeness in sound. Check out their great album at .

is someone so young, yet so gifted in the spoken word . I have been a fan for some years. Check him out on for moving .

Recently saw a about the scene in . "Tokyo Girls" gave me some food for thought. My first look into the scene.

The series of have finally got the 7th volume! Check it out! This is one my all time fav series. is a cool writer.

from have put out some amazing with a overlay. Post rock as it should be!

See what I mean about the ?? This is Space Slugs "Eye The Tide" album. Sadly sold out. WHY WHY??

I don't have a turntable. But for like this, I am sorely tempted to start collecting!

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