Hanging in , Stone Rebel give , based sounds. Epic songs and soothing vibes. Check it.


....a cute book, I think, that has a lot of interdimensional physics and . I really liked it, despite the many reviews that I read that did not. in its own way...a nice little book. I did not buy it from Crapazon, but can't recall where I got it. lol

One of the rare that I like from the . Supervoid are screaming and loud....awesome. Now where are the mushrooms??


"Lodestar" by () is an awesome and deep song. At 31+ minutes, it is not a quicky!

With some songs going to over 30 minutes long (I am listening to "Supernova" now at 35:48), from bring a chill feel. With 10 albums for under €20 it is great deal!


from have put out some amazing with a overlay. Post rock as it should be!

I have not dropped , but really tripping out on the awesome out there. 's Sleeping Pandora....another awesome band (they are on too).


I don't have a turntable. But for like this, I am sorely tempted to start collecting!

Telekinetic Yeti from Iowa,
- raw and gutsy instrumental from their album Abominable. Check them out!


"Age of Aquarius" is my go-to album from 's (Villagers of Ioannina City). This is good, solid music that you can really encounter. There's some serious action happening in rock and in Greece!



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