have provided the to my week. Who has been the soundtrack of yours?

The beautiful vibes of Maria Franz and the musicianship of her with Christopher Juul and Kai Uwe Faust are amazing. My first delving into that reconnects to a pre-Christian past. are majestic and gorgeous.


Even when I've quit quit , there is no escape from my image appearing on it. Such is the normativity of the platform.

? ??? Talk about smashing . Perhaps India's only Viking Metal band are and do a pretty damn good . Check them out!


Can't understand a word of it, but Wardruna from have a unique and ancient and sound replete with . Pretty cool.


Despite all the electronics amidst the ancient vibe, it was the dude's glasses that shattered the window for me.


Unguided from - they have still got it. Though the gender-bending motif has been done before. Still a good song.


@tim i love some . That shadow just raises some questions - like what were you looking at when you found it?

Why @write_as for my /s? They have a business model that I believe in and consider the future of the Internet. The Honeymoon is coming to a close. and are completely f***ed in the long term. @angristan is the future of the Net.

Made in 1979, this is still a classic poke at religious people and theological splitters. Watched it again last night and still giggled at some classic scenes. "Thwow him.to the floow vewy woughly!"

Getting back to my old love of about the fascinating . Kelly polarised a nation and continues to do so even now, 140 years after his execution in Melbourne.

Checking out , Avenue5 with Hugh Laurie and a host of really cool talent. Quite likeable.

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It is past midnight in the city of Aleppo and the streets are still crowded with celebrating people.

For the first time in 8 years Aleppeans won’t have to worry about Jihadist terrorist attacks targeting their neighborhoods, schools and hospitals.

Not a word from CNN or BBC.

@dpreacher for one - no option without emailing them and then you have to delete every individual post. Otherwise the posts stay in the system. too. Even provides deletion - though with hoops to jump through.

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