You know you might have enjoyed a TV show a bit much, when you recognize a background song that's never in the foreground after a few seconds

I remembered to finally get rid of the Christmas hat... Took me only 140 days...

Small lifehack: try to avoid splinters! especially if they have a diameter of over 1mm

sorry for letting you down. Haven't checked here in ages...

looks so good on UHD in fullscreen with large font!

I was wondering earlier wtf emacs' tramp didn't want to remote open a file via SSH all of a sudden after working fine for other machines until I realized I had oh-ny-zsh running on that target machine...

Anyone hosting a fast instance? is slow af. Other public instances either are slow as well, or run by who tf knows. ( @angristan you wanna host one?)

human friend, go now and drink some some few wants he has to satisfy, and must therefore do a little useful work of various sorts, such as making tools and furniture, taming goats, fishing and hunting.

I can't grow a real/proper/full beard (yet). I love the feel, it doesn't look that good though...

@angristan I think you've linked a before. I can't find any info on who owns it etc.

TFW you almost set your alarm one hour early

tfw bitcoin fanbois need to bring other bitcoin fanbois back to reality

they reached a new level of meme trying to say 25€ of fees per every 10€ payment is better than using a credit card.

Starting now the Berlin Wall has been down longer than it was up:
Construction began 13-Aug-1961. Demolition began 9-Nov-1989. 10284 days. 5 January 2018 is 10284 days since the wall began coming down.

If you have a 100Mbps cable connection and a 300GB data cap, you're only allowed to use it 8.3 hours per month. 50Mbps LTE and a 10GB cap? 33 minutes per month.

I've asked my senators to introduce legislation requiring ISPs to include how much time per month you're allowed to use their services at full speed in any advertising.

Side note: I wouldn't recommend using Telegram; they market themselves as a secure app but there's no e2e encryption unless you specifically enter a "secret chat", and then it uses some custom crypto they came up with. It's all very dodgy.

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Broadening a thought: We'd be better off if we stopped talking about "the internet of things" and started talking about "computers don't always look like we expect them to".

Instead of saying "internet-enabled" it might be wise to say "regardless of what it looks like, that's a computer and you should treat it like one".

"Somebody hacked my fridge!" Yes, your fridge has a computer built into it and you should treat it like a computer (and demand that the manufacturer treat it like one).

first time in years that I've locally got a QT wallet running...

before Windows standardized on the hourglass, the Atari ST desktop used a bee to indicate the system was busy

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