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yes, obviously ctrl has been used in unix since the beginning.

i think robey's point is that since ctrl is a heavily used modifier key in a unix terminal, many (older) unix guis specifically avoided using ctrl as part of their keyboard shortcut scheme to leave it free for the terminal emulator.

gnome and kde do not do that, and it has major disadvantages.


I'd be careful speaking about "all" UNIX systems, there were quite a lot of them!

OpenWindows (SunOS 4.x) and CDE (Solaris) both used meta as their primary modifier key for shortcuts (which they called 'accelerators') and I'm 90% certain that Irix did as well


I think it goes back to IBM's attempt to standardize a bunch of dos-era keyboard shortcuts, which windows adopted a lot of.

(Pretty sure I remember F3 being find-next from various DOS-era word processors)

But I agree with you that it's a pretty castastropic design error that both gnome and KDE both assumed everyone was a Windows refugee... forever leaving us with half-broken terminals

@robey I first heard it years ago in the context of lisp, and wikipedia seems to back this up. They have a link to a 1994 post to comp.lang.lisp:

"The idea is that the potential execution flow of
a program can be represented as a tree. The main function is the root,
and it calls functions, which call other functions, etc. A treeshaker
... attempts to enumerate all of the functions ever called, directly
or indirectly, by the main function, and removes the rest."

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I think this is great.. companies encouraging you to repair their products rather than throw them away. More of this please!

@robey Glad I'm not the only one less than thrilled with the direction of new phone hardware :/

I can't help but repost this:

@Achariya Of course! But let's not talk about that here

@robey Clojure was the first place i encountered such operators. They call them "threading" macros but I think "pipe" is a better/clearer name

@robey Neat hack, but uggg doing that in a decorator is so wrong. They should accept python for what it is - use a language with proper macros if you want that kind of flexibility

Strange... is this a new thing? "Exclusively for Prime members"?!? You win, Amazon, I'll buy it somewhere else.

Following people or boosting things seems problematic. :/ This reality may still be a bit glitchy

I promise I am going to try not to complain about everything

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