Just returned home from a weekend long pre-holidays party. So go to see friends, relax, and have fun. I haven't laughed so hard in years. It is probably going to take me a week to recover.

Getting excited for Bacon & Beer Fest in Nashua NH May 18th. Tickets go on sale March 30.

Wooo Hoooo!!!

Settling in between snow storms with the grandchild and watching Dragon Prince. Kind of reminds me of Avatar the Last Airbender.

I just wanted to mention The Fantasy Trip RPG once more before the Kickstarter ends in a couple of days. TFT was one of the early RPGs, first out in 1980! It has been out of print for 35 years and is now being re-released through a Kickstarter campaign. At the $25 backer level you get the complete game as a Print-n-Play PDF.


The Fantasy Trip : Melee & Wizard

Finally, after decades of being out of print, I can finally but a copy of Melee. I ordered the Ogre Pocket edition the years ago and love it. I have been looking for a copy of Melee for a while. Even better, a simple fighting game and be expanded into a full fledged RPG. So excited!



Just what I needed halfway through a rough week. Pastrami Ruben and an IPA.

Interesting, a wedding venue inside an old covered bridge.

Apparently the tallest filing cabinet. Burlington VT

If you haven't already, check out restic backup. (restic.github.io)

I just started using it on my Windows 7 workstation at work and it backed up all of my documents in about a minute. I ran multiple backups and two point-in-time restores. Everything was smooth and simple. Also ran local backups on my Fedora 26 laptop. No issues. Next up is to install rest-server on a RaspberryPi and start doing backups to that.


Never thought I'd go to a Marching Band Competition. And here I am, 4 hours in. mstdn.io/media/IDFNa1-eGph_EAp


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