So, apparently you could pay$100 to have a cardboard cutout of yourself in the stands at Superbowl LV. Why?

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Hey, you, reader of this post

You should set up a Gemini site

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My wife doesn’t care a whit about mechanical keyboards or large format camera lenses or obscure command line utilities or the wildly different feel of various fountain pens. I have no idea why she married me.


1) Same routine as before WFH; shower, dress. Short break each hour (do laundry, dishes) just like you would in the office when someone pops by

2) Keep same work hours. start same time as you did in office, end same time as you did in office. If you didn't answer work calls/emails when you were off the clock, then don't do it now.

3) When having involved email chains, encourage folks to do video call. It gives you a chance to hash it all out and have social interaction.

@randynose I have had three different solar companies provide quotes this summer. The biggest savings that provide is the full home review of how you use energy. After that, at best they can save me a couple hundred dollars a year.

The part that annoys me the most: if the power lines are down you still lose power. You don't get to pull directly from the panels. The power goes from the solar units to the grid. You always pull your power from the grid.

@kensanata I had the exact same problem trying to figure out where I left off resting QC. So I started from the beginning. Such a great comic!

@mhjohnson I read your post as meaning a 7 inch screen laptop. Then I read the article (well skimmed it anyway). A laptop with seven screens. that is insane.

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I'd love to finish 2019 and start 2020 with 60 aggregated phlogs on Bongusta!

Now there are 58 of them.

Dear Gopherspace explorers, could you - pretty please - recommend two phlogs with more than a month of activity?


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@mdhughes There aren't any Hawaiian restaurants around here, but I looked up recipes. I know what we are having for lunch tomorrow!

@mdhughes My father in law loved SPAM, would fry it up nice and crispy for breakfast. I guess Stockholm Syndrome set in because now I prefer it over bacon and sausage.

One of my wife's favorite meals is Adobo rice with black beans and diced SPAM.

Just returned home from a weekend long pre-holidays party. So go to see friends, relax, and have fun. I haven't laughed so hard in years. It is probably going to take me a week to recover.

@kensanata That's awesome. I think I'll add a section to my knowledge base. Then I can use it for my campaigns.

@garrett too bad you didn't get a recording of that. I'm curious to hear it.

@mike That is a serious cramp in your day. Lucky for me, being the only IT guy at my last job for 15 years, I was able to arrange a spare machine at the office. That way I didn't have to make the 40 mile commute back home. Of course, once I did that, I stopped forgetting my laptop at home.

Just voted in local elections. I think this is by far the largest turnout I have ever seen in this town (20 years), definitely the first time I have had to wait in line. There were easily 30 people ahead of me in line. Asked one of the workers and they said it has been a banner year for turnout.

@sir Curious, what would you make for a window manager if it was greenfield?

@jaz My wife was pleased with the outcome. I was not ☹️

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