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"Remember the saying, “No one ever gets fired for hiring Big Blue”? At a time when technology seemed to be changing fast, executives wanted to reduce risk and play it safe"
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Owner who demolished famed San Francisco house must build replica

(submitted by skookum)

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Stephen Hillenburg, creator of the popular animated series Spongebob Squarepants, dies at 57

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@xahlee i don't think it's a single thing.

It's a change in culture and expectations. Some people go to work to work, others to talk about feelings and authenticity and privilege. The two are not usually productively grouped.

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/Quebec-wide General Strikes: to & beyond!

*Ontario (4allD usual BS reasons) now has a , ' ' .
* : Same.

*Ontario working-class: Stage a series of escalating General Strikes -- culminating in a contestation of power between .
*Quebec : Same

*Working-class of BOTH ON/PQ COMBINE , in 1 BIG series of escalating General Strikes: stage a -WIDE series of General Strikes.

Someone please explain to me why the .io site uses up 100%+ of my .

It's the main reason why I'm hardly here.

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1am US Eastern Time. #twitter is apparently kicking out applications again, denying access to the APIs after doing so for an hour yesterday (that we've noticed). "This is the end, my friend..."
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Talk of hacking fax machines this week made me realize why dial up modems are still manufactured and supported. There must be enough people out there sending faxes or making voice calls with them to justify it.

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A bit longer than me! I started with a home server and then desktop/laptop system with Potato in 2001. I still have the complete Potato CD set.

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As of a week ago, I've officially stopped being able to "keep up" with my chronological Masto feed. Partly due to continually adding more follows, mostly from having less time this week & only opening the app to skim from the top for shorter bursts.

Was fun while it lasted! I now feel much more lost for context when scrolling past ongoing conversations. I get that there's no nefarious feed algorithm here, but kinda wish there was a better way to surface top-level posts for active threads

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