Just random thought:

Christmas is 25-26th December (Jesus was born at midnight).

That date is also fairly close to winter solstice (longest night; actually around 21st Dec, but that's difficult to measure precisely)

25th of December is the 359th day of the year.

Egyptians had a 360 day-year with 5 days left over for celebrations (ever thought why there were 360 degrees in a circle?)


I feel like there's a lot of symbolism in the birth of Christ.
inb4 Jordan Peterson

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@happyaxltl most theologians would all agree if there was such a person as the historical Jesus he would not have been born in December. Early Christians made their myths easily conform with pagan rituals so as to more easily convert people.

@ckrypto Yup, was just reading about that on Britannica


It's interesting though to think about the interplay between the orbit of the Earth measured in rotations (days), sexagesimal (Sumerian) counting and the culture built around the number 360.

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