@ckrypto Yup, was just reading about that on Britannica britannica.com/story/why-is-ch

Or crossexamined.org/time-jesus-b

It's interesting though to think about the interplay between the orbit of the Earth measured in rotations (days), sexagesimal (Sumerian) counting and the culture built around the number 360.

Just random thought:

Christmas is 25-26th December (Jesus was born at midnight).

That date is also fairly close to winter solstice (longest night; actually around 21st Dec, but that's difficult to measure precisely)

25th of December is the 359th day of the year.

Egyptians had a 360 day-year with 5 days left over for celebrations (ever thought why there were 360 degrees in a circle?)


I feel like there's a lot of symbolism in the birth of Christ.
inb4 Jordan Peterson

@[email protected] Hello and Welcome Walter!

Hope you will enjoy the social media platform experience :party_parrot:

Wishing you all the best!

@jk Late reply but I had trouble joining as well. Eventually managed to get a follow from upsocial.com:

or since I was reading Demon Haunted World by Sagan:

There is child abuse, and there are such things as repressed memories. But there are also such things as false memories and confabulations, and they are not rare at all. Misrememberings are the rule, not the exception. They occur all the time. They occur even in cases where the subject is absolutely confident - even when the memory is a seemingly unforgettable flashbulb, one of those metaphorical mental photographs.


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It's super difficult to be on the side of facts today without sounding insensitive or hateful. Here's an example with where I'll sound like a nazi:

Not saying all cases are false, not at all, but just a gentle reminder we've had this in the past: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_me

@toby3d @toby3d Might be misunderstanding the question, but could you take numbers just between [1.85 and 2.85] ?

Their average will always be between those to extremes and hence will satisfy your condition (total average of 2.35 with error of 0.5)?

Alternatively, you can pick numbers from the [1,3] interval and keep track of the average. If the average is acceptable, the number gets added to the array, if not then the number gets skipped.

Would something like that work?

@original_fractalator @Secftblgirl
Yup, fully agree. That's why I'm interested in mastodon and other forms of decentralised internet.

(separate point) In general, I think as a society we have a big problem since our judicial systems have evolved to deal with physical problems, but in an age of information, those systems are not adequate any more.

So maybe for the time being we need to revert to sort of a wild-west of information (things like fediverse, P2P and Tor)?

@Secftblgirl I haven't studied history so I guess I don't have a right to talk, but I do here goes:

aaaaactually being purged from social media is not the same as being denied the right to speech.

Right to reach millions of people using a private platform to spread questionable content is NOT the same as right to free speech.

Considering consuming less, upgrading less, wasting less but also consider being involved in growing awareness and educating ourselves and others.


Additionally consider websites such as ethicalconsumer.org/ simply as a curiosity to find out how good are the companies that provide our services (goods, financial, etc).

@wordsofwisdom Further (and this is one of Peterson's arguments in youtube.com/watch?v=EuNeqawPuu )

most of our cognition is distributed - we figure out what is true by disagreeing and finding ways to resolve those conflicts. Without an individual's right to free speech that can not happen - there would be no way to challenge wrong ideas.

@wordsofwisdom fully agree!

I was also thinking recently meditation helps us hear (ourselves) without judgement, without allowing ourselves to feel hurt.

Practicing mindfulness can then make us better listeners and accepting of others' viewpoints regardless of how they make us feel.

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For the past few days I've been experimenting with the protocol. It's been great. There's an active community using the protocol, and it was easy to curate a list of people to follow. It looks like there's an effort to write a client in Rust. I look forward to seeing that progress. scuttlebutt.nz/

On the importance and "sanctity?" of free speech: It is important to note that if we consider evolution (Darwinian selection) not just of individuals but also of IDEAS then free speech becomes fundamental and it is a noble act to defend it.


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The best way to reduce your plastic footprint is to reduce plastic usage. Recycling plastic doesn't really work that well moneyweek.com/economy/global-e

Consider using refillable containers or simply be more aware of the plastic that you are purchasing.

@asuperhero I agree that we must resolve our differences. I'm not sure what those differences are though (if any!)

@ThomasWic what if... the total amount of fraud was like 0.01% and hence actually Biden was still elected by the majority?

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