One thing i really like about Manjaro is that its independant nature means i do not have to sign the arch user agreement policy that mandates i tell everyone that i use arch linux.

Finding good VPS servers is extremely difficult especially in less popular locations. If anyone knows a KVM/Xen/VMware/Hyper-V host with a dedicated CPU core (No CPU core sharing) with 1GB of ram and at least 40GB of storage around 10 euro's per month in sweden let me know. It can be on a HDD but we need a stable CPU because if CPU steal occurs it will cause immense lag for our players.

@lunduke You say you like Free Speech, can you speak out against the censorious behavior on Mastodon that also happens on your instance? They cripple the protocol to block other instances from following your content and that is totally uncool.

Mastodon should adopt an optional hybrid of topics and accounts, how cool would it be to be able to follow @henk717 if you only wish to follow my tech comments, or @henk717 if you only wish to follow my political comments? While also being able to follow just @henk717 for everything.

This guy gets it, treating people with different opinions in a hostile manner will push them away from your side.

Looks like varan either got banned or cancelled his account. Shame as i didn't do a report on that and we where having an important conversation. Although i consider his standpoint harmful to mastodon and he did some sneaky things with the cw tags the conversation was otherwise very civil. So varan, we may disagree but if you read this i'd like to thank you for being open to discussion and spending your time to talk to me.

I never liked Arch or Manjaro, but i installed it again yesterday and they have improved a lot. I was really enjoying OpenSUSE Tumbleweed last week until it completely imploded. Perhaps this is going to become my new main distro, ill have to see. It does bring it issues being so modern so ill have to find some solutions, bumblebee is broken out of the box but easier to fix than it is to setup on other distro's.

*Makes a video about OpenSUSE for his first ever distro review*

*Praises OpenSUSE Tumbleweed for being a nice rolling Linux distribution*

*One day after the video all my machines running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed start deleting apps and having broken dependencies because it did not update some when my automated job ran zypper dup*

This is why you should test distro's a month before you make a video rather than a week xD

Damm, i literally got banned from another mastodon instance for expressing the desire to follow content creators on . Didn't violate any rules and was completely reasonable about it. I merely expressed wanting to follow all sides of the political spectrum in one place. I know its a sensetive subject, but thats just rude.

Apparently it takes more than an overclocked 1700X to emulate a Pentium MMX 200, but at least i can get a Pentium MMX 75 going pretty well in my new retro emulation setup.

Ditched firefox today on the desktop, i am fed up with them and i discovered the Beta of Brave now actually allows for everything i need in a browser.

Why did i switch?
- The Mr Robot remote browser component installation debacle.
- Removing dissenter from the extentions with politically motivated reasons.
- There addons are outdated.
- Development of a politically motivated anti fake news extention.
- There is no point in supporting a slower browser if they do nothing to make the web better.

Watched a political video about Generation Z vs the Millenials and it quite adequately explains why i feel more affiliated with GenZ then with my own generation.

I always was a computer geek so i explored the internet as early as i could and very broad. I learned to seperate nonsense from facts very well that way and developed a thick skin.

Because GenZ is very similar we ended up roughly the same. Other millenials got on the internet later so they have less affinity with fact checking.

Here is a recent video commentating about the deplatforming on : .

While Gab.Ai's mission for free speech is admirable i actually think Mastodon is a better solution. Because it is federated and every instance can have there own rules its not at risk of being taken down as a whole and people can join an instance they like.

I hope Mastodon gets more attention in the alt-media because as far as i see it is the superior Twitter alternative.

Today i learned TempleOS has a first person shooter in it and even references it in the tutorial. Impressive with that file size but i doubt its actually a holy addition.

The NPC meme got me thinking, if NPC's are a real world phenomenon what happens if we do the reverse in an RPG? What if, rather then just programmering all responses a company would make an AI that learns from the ingame experiences and uses chatbot technology for dialogue? 🤔

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No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

I have been messing the entire day with Pulseaudio, and so far i am a fan! Compared to the Windows Audio Service its so much better. It gets a lot of flack and in my config it eats up CPU. But the result is great!

@angristan What will happen to this instance when the new legislation that destroys the internet goes live?

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