Watched a political video about Generation Z vs the Millenials and it quite adequately explains why i feel more affiliated with GenZ then with my own generation.

I always was a computer geek so i explored the internet as early as i could and very broad. I learned to seperate nonsense from facts very well that way and developed a thick skin.

Because GenZ is very similar we ended up roughly the same. Other millenials got on the internet later so they have less affinity with fact checking.

Here is a recent video commentating about the deplatforming on : .

While Gab.Ai's mission for free speech is admirable i actually think Mastodon is a better solution. Because it is federated and every instance can have there own rules its not at risk of being taken down as a whole and people can join an instance they like.

I hope Mastodon gets more attention in the alt-media because as far as i see it is the superior Twitter alternative.

Today i learned TempleOS has a first person shooter in it and even references it in the tutorial. Impressive with that file size but i doubt its actually a holy addition.

The NPC meme got me thinking, if NPC's are a real world phenomenon what happens if we do the reverse in an RPG? What if, rather then just programmering all responses a company would make an AI that learns from the ingame experiences and uses chatbot technology for dialogue? 🤔

Do you work in IT and need something to brighten up your day?


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No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

I have been messing the entire day with Pulseaudio, and so far i am a fan! Compared to the Windows Audio Service its so much better. It gets a lot of flack and in my config it eats up CPU. But the result is great!

@angristan What will happen to this instance when the new legislation that destroys the internet goes live?

Since i know there are many people here interested in technology and science, here is the science behind #911

After made action of there new ToS as arbiters what can and can't be said online i invested some time in a new platform for the HL2DM.EU community. We didn't have a forum yet but thats soon to come, its powered by Talkyard and runs docker in the background on a new VPS. It will also be serving as the new comment system to make sure i can define my own policy.

@angristan your instance is highly endangered by the new EU legislation that is now another step further to becoming a relatisation. If this passes you will be forced to disable all links and all uploads or you can be held liable for your users.

The mainstream outlets suppress the information as it is beneficial to them. Perhaps given the importance you can add an overlay message asking your users to call there MEP's?

List of MEP's here:

European news websites are lobbying so you gotta pay for linking to there articles. Isn't it european news websites who MAKE MONEY from people LINKING to there articles? Looks like a disguised plot to completely demolish alternative media by removing the right to link to there content breaking the entire internet in the meantime. Same legislation seems to have mandatory Youtube style filtering!

Don't let it happen or @angristan can be forced to block all links.

I am someone who had to fix pretty much every end user printer driver issue on Windows you can think off. It mostly works but at minimum you need to manually fetch the driver and appropriate software from the website to do something like a print or especially a scan over wifi.

Today i needed to print something on my freshly installed Kubuntu 18.04 laptop, without me even opening the settings it had automatically found configured and installed the printer wirelessly and everything worked! :O

Dit soort politieke retoriek kan levens redden, iets ontregelen zorgt voor onrust niet voor vrede omdat je voor een goed Geregelde samenleving een goede fundering nodig hebt. Je moet een alternatief brengen, geen chaos. Baudet begrijpt dit en moet hierin worden gesteund.

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