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Damm, i literally got banned from another mastodon instance for expressing the desire to follow content creators on #Gab. Didn't violate any rules and was completely reasonable about it. I merely expressed wanting to follow all sides of (1/2)

@Vostok @henk717
And I thought this was a free speech platform, may as well go back to Twitter and Facebook and get censored.

murder mention 

@binghamboatwright @Vostok @henk717 yup, we kick Gab in the ass over here. you've been warned, we don't want hate speech, we dob't want the murders it triggers.

murder mention okay so free speech is banning speech people disagree with which in my experience is also the definition of hate speech. I'm not dramatic are you trying to hold individual s responsible for the actions of others based on speech?what about individual and personal responsibility? Nobody is getting murdered over discussion of free speech. It's okay to make threats and be menacing over a conversation that is non violent but my 1st interaction here? so welcome. 

gab fascists 

@binghamboatwright @Vostok @henk717 you've been reported as gab-enabler. free speech is about diversity, not quantity. which is why we don't want you there : calling for murders triggers itself.
go back to your centralised proto-fascists white supremacists support FB & Twittee.

gab has been friendlier than mastodon 

@Varan @binghamboatwright @Vostok Don't you see how incredibly hateful you are being towards people from the center? I just want to be able to follow someone like Lunduke and someone like Styx from one instance. Why make it so hard? Mastodon never turned me into a pedo or a communist even though it has instances for both. Gab never turned me into a nazi. That is just not how it works, conversation deradicalizes banning people pushes them away from your point.

gab has been friendlier than mastodon. No kidding 1st post and I'm made out a Nazi . Welcome to Mastodon 

@henk717 @Varan @Vostok No kidding 1st post and I'm made out a Nazi . Welcome to Mastodon

The gab debate 

@binghamboatwright @Varan @Vostok You will probably be banned soon, seek a more central instance while you still can that respects user choice.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

Your political theory is largely unaccurate, and certainly not adaptated to mastodon. But if your wish is to let gab users here on this platform harass people, call for murders and everything, it is your basic freedom to do so as it is my basic freedom to not let you do and warn you avout the political effects of your software, whether you want it or not.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan That is not what i want at all, i get it gab's timeline is not compatible with most instances because they will not be using the appropriate CW tags for offending content. I am fine with that, but i want to be able to moderate my timeline as i see fit. So i was very dissapointed when large instances not only forbid me from doing that but banned me for requesting it.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan But ultimately is this not a massive limitation with the mastodon software? Gab's fork is quite buggy and crippled but they did add a domain wide block so you as a user can block entire instances while others can see it. Thats a good idea in my book, if they then also make it impossible for people from that instance to follow you or contact you we can both have what we want.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@henk717 No. They are racists, homophobes prick, that's all. Now, either you are with us or against us, sorry it's like that.


gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan The problem is that if your making me choose i'd have to choose gab because they aren't as hostile. Which is exactly what i am warning you against. You are actively pushing people to a right wing side, lock you out of the ability to convince them of other idea's. It will radicalize a person when bad idea's are unopposed so ultimately that action would CREATE "Nazi's" rather than create centrists. We need to have discussions like this one.

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Discourse, call for murder, Gab again 

@henk717 Let's then compare two discourse that we can find typically on Gab & Mastodon.
"Let's kill all black & LGBT" vs. "Fuck off fascists"

The first sentence seems at first less radical, right? It implies that people will follow and everything.
The second one, however, can seem more violent. It's a kind of discourse that does not tend to stigmatize people.

Do you see where I'm heading ? If we let this kind of gab discourse, real shit is coming.

The Gab Debate 

@Varan How should i judge an instance exactly? Because the past day i have been harrased but it wasn't on Gab. I met people with hostile attitudes but again, not on Gab. Gab is about free speech in quite a broad way which means its going to attract people of all kinds. I interacted with what seemed to be left leaning people on there as well. You can't judge an entire platform based on a portion of its users. If so mastodon would be facistic to me rather then open tech.

The Gab Debate 

@henk717 Yes, I judge entire communities, because I think in a systemic way. And Gab is not inclusive, at all.

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