Mastodon should adopt an optional hybrid of topics and accounts, how cool would it be to be able to follow @henk717 if you only wish to follow my tech comments, or @henk717 if you only wish to follow my political comments? While also being able to follow just @henk717 for everything.

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I think they should let cw catagories , or some limited amount of them, be hashtags categories. . . .

so I can cw #politics and it would be searchable in that hashtag . .Doesnt appear that happens now


also would be nice if we could see stats on how many people viewed toots as twitter does


@cnkraeh I think it already works that way, especially if you include the hashtag in the sentence.

#testing#politics cw categorization 


well I'll try it again but pretty sure it didnt work that way for me earlier, maybe just not in replies

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