@EdwardTorvalds The songs there use widevine drm so whatever people use to crack that which i doubt is easy to come by.

@EdwardTorvalds If you mean that unironically i challenge you to send me the correct flat earth map that corrosponds with flight times. No flat earther ever dared my challenge.

One thing i really like about Manjaro is that its independant nature means i do not have to sign the arch user agreement policy that mandates i tell everyone that i use arch linux.

@[email protected] The character thing has not been an issue for people on twitter in years either. People do it for analytics usually.

@geotechland That is going to make me really happy as an AMD user!

Finding good VPS servers is extremely difficult especially in less popular locations. If anyone knows a KVM/Xen/VMware/Hyper-V host with a dedicated CPU core (No CPU core sharing) with 1GB of ram and at least 40GB of storage around 10 euro's per month in sweden let me know. It can be on a HDD but we need a stable CPU because if CPU steal occurs it will cause immense lag for our players.

@charims Depends on where you will implement it. Reverse DNS is commonly offered on VPS instances, however on residential internet its usually not available. With a good VPS host it will be offered trough the control panel and updated almost instantly.

@lunduke You say you like Free Speech, can you speak out against the censorious behavior on Mastodon that also happens on your instance? They cripple the protocol to block other instances from following your content and that is totally uncool.


@cnkraeh I think it already works that way, especially if you include the hashtag in the sentence.

@angristan Yup, although i still like Tusky Uncensored better on principle.

@angristan @EdwardTorvalds Never noticed, but i never ran the stock partiton for long. Back when Magisk gave problems on F2FS i made it a habbit of reformatting the 3T to EXT4 to prevent issues. Its still a phone i absolutely love to use.

Mastodon should adopt an optional hybrid of topics and accounts, how cool would it be to be able to follow @henk717 if you only wish to follow my tech comments, or @henk717 if you only wish to follow my political comments? While also being able to follow just @henk717 for everything.

This guy gets it, treating people with different opinions in a hostile manner will push them away from your side.


Looks like varan either got banned or cancelled his account. Shame as i didn't do a report on that and we where having an important conversation. Although i consider his standpoint harmful to mastodon and he did some sneaky things with the cw tags the conversation was otherwise very civil. So varan, we may disagree but if you read this i'd like to thank you for being open to discussion and spending your time to talk to me.

The Gab Debate 

@Varan How should i judge an instance exactly? Because the past day i have been harrased but it wasn't on Gab. I met people with hostile attitudes but again, not on Gab. Gab is about free speech in quite a broad way which means its going to attract people of all kinds. I interacted with what seemed to be left leaning people on there as well. You can't judge an entire platform based on a portion of its users. If so mastodon would be facistic to me rather then open tech.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan The problem is that if your making me choose i'd have to choose gab because they aren't as hostile. Which is exactly what i am warning you against. You are actively pushing people to a right wing side, lock you out of the ability to convince them of other idea's. It will radicalize a person when bad idea's are unopposed so ultimately that action would CREATE "Nazi's" rather than create centrists. We need to have discussions like this one.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan But ultimately is this not a massive limitation with the mastodon software? Gab's fork is quite buggy and crippled but they did add a domain wide block so you as a user can block entire instances while others can see it. Thats a good idea in my book, if they then also make it impossible for people from that instance to follow you or contact you we can both have what we want.

gab-enabler, "i'M cEnTrAL", Librem 

@Varan That is not what i want at all, i get it gab's timeline is not compatible with most instances because they will not be using the appropriate CW tags for offending content. I am fine with that, but i want to be able to moderate my timeline as i see fit. So i was very dissapointed when large instances not only forbid me from doing that but banned me for requesting it.

I never liked Arch or Manjaro, but i installed it again yesterday and they have improved a lot. I was really enjoying OpenSUSE Tumbleweed last week until it completely imploded. Perhaps this is going to become my new main distro, ill have to see. It does bring it issues being so modern so ill have to find some solutions, bumblebee is broken out of the box but easier to fix than it is to setup on other distro's.

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