I am sorry but it is too much.

As long as a trans person did not fully transition physically (i won't check into the pantie, don't worry), I can't use the pronouns they expect and I will continue to feel uncomfortable.
I respect their choice but I don't accept them to mess with my cognition.

This is a contract (bi-lateral by definition).

BTW, if you block me, you break this contract.

I value their opinion.
So it should not just be: "If you don't like it, don't watch it " sort of response.

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Nothing worse than coders with strong accents, erratic flow making video/podcast on interesting subjects.

You don't save anyone's time.

Running about YT subscriptions. :/

You know, I don't have issue we people, scientists not knowing for the moment. I might get the in 2 years.

I do have an issue with these Elon Musk's groupies or hispters (call them how you want) who blind trust authorities, which, failed 99% of the time this year.

Actually, I should just call these SARS-COV2 vaccine blind trustees: religious. :)

cis-religious or post-trans-religous ... well something modern, you know 🤟
And the messiah, AstraZeneca, BNT162b2 will be our savior.

Yeah but you know, it's science, we have charts, numbers*, technology and you know, we are rocket scientist, between two posts of Elon Musk's fart, the latest smartphone and the social media of the day.

*numbers that we can't relate but that's another story.

To my fellow technophile 2.0, rationalistist-awake.

If you discover a coder or an entity introducing a backdoor in your openssl/libressl, or weak a cipher and you discover that, are you going to let her commit access afterward?
Sure, if she can pay 2Bn, you can forget about it. :)

condemned to pay 2.3Bn in 2009 nytimes.com/2009/09/03/busines

J&J 2.2Bn in 2013

I might be wrong, trust is likely to be just an optional attribute in .

It's about time.

"That is why it is so deeply important for Jews in the diaspora to speak out, to reject an ideology that reduces Judaism to political support for Israel—and reduces support for to Jewish exclusivity"
(Jeremy Slevin)


anyone to suggest a mini-dac (compatible Linux) ?

for a 250ohm headphone, pls

Not new video but i don't think it evolved 

Isreali military torturing young palestinian.

video is 6 or 10 years old.

It is and it was always my postulate in this affair. well, before the simplest question: who is the colon (and by definition the offender)?

But now, 3 generations of people were born in the israeli state, so it doesn't matter now.
What matters, is to make israeli conscientious with power comes responsibilities AND accountabilities.

So, whatever you could say to justify israeli actions cannot be tolerable to my eyes.

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"If you are in a fight, where the other person cannot beat you, how hard should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?"


I swear: I never remember if it is:
git clone --submodules-recurse
git clone --recurse-submodules

Or maybe, just "SpaceX" ?
Is it still necessary to mention the founder?

Fucking groupies.

Utilities will probably play a role in the war against cryptominers, and like in every wars, lot of "civil" casualties is to expect.

where do we can buy physical PC version of a in 2021?

I am not fond for downloading 30-45Go of a game.

And I am not that patient. :/

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