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Indeed Glimpse gave a glimpse at how you know jackshit at software dev and what happens when your interest is not the software but your agenda!

> Our software touched the lives of US army veterans, high school students, and tens of thousands of people from a wide variety of different backgrounds

A big :fuck_face: to you Bobby!

If you want to see a track records of their 2y of "engineering", pls, treat yourself:

/me enjoying their epic fail.

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@prokoudine are you kidding?!

With all the fuzz and hurting the GIMP team, i do really hope these douches got miserable and it will serve as an example. Do the work, don't try to steal the hardwork of others to serve your ideology.

FOSS has not to be a doormat for frustrated snowflakes.

Are they going to refund their patreons? As stupid they were to trust these wannabe, I wont support scam.

Now, you are a "community manager", so you have to play PC but first, you dont have to, it is FOSS!

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> we are better people for enjoying their failure

Blah blah, BS. Their attitude were deliberately offensive and arrogant. Limit harrassing.

> it's a valuable lesson for everyone who puts soft skills over hard skills

Except that GIMP team manage both soft and hard skills. For instance Jehan does a fantastic job of openness, sharing and dedication.

The LESSON here is: check the credentials.
A nobody can't come, backed with zero code, and expect his/her voice has any value .

Affinity is available on windows/macOS/iOS and you know, when you ask for linux port they said: it would requires 500 000$.
AND, there's already a codebase! So think about it.

runs with a patreon of barely 1700eur for 3-4 persons AND you expect them to achieve your Photoshop fantasm?!

NOTE, for me, GIMP is great, a bit messy and shitty text tool but I CAN complete my works with it and on my OS.

Anyway, If you want to help:

Changing permission on a directory via the webui:
- window freeze
- no confirmation

doing it from CLI:
- instantaneous

BUT I know, we should not do it via CLI, it will apparently mess later.

anyway, just a matter of time before a i throw this syno away

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Yeah. EU passed a law allowing them to scan your mails/IM for the fight against pedo.
Moreover,as we don't have techies here, it will be analyzed by a US company.

The guy w/ this brilliant idea thinks these fucking pedo don't know how to use crypto and out of band communication.
Maybe, you should look at the guy handling this gavel, you know. 👨‍⚖️

Sanitary pass, break on privacy, forbidding crypto... We still need to gather more facts before seeing a trend into an authoritarian society.

Everybody knows capitalism is broken and destroys lives, Everybody knows the game is rigged BUT the same think that (capitalism-offspring) is virtuous and doesn't play dirty.

By saying this, I am not giving praise to socialism or whatever. You could criticize a system without being associated to its nemesis.


Good day everyone!

And a good day without a rant about couldn't be a good day.

What is the rationale behind giving a timeout of 5min15s or sometime 2min30 (yeah that random) for the network service at boot?!

And why the fuck it blocks all the boot process?!

Even on a server I would not understand the idea.

Are they admitting that Israel is an oppressive regime ? Or they still keep it for arabs and co ?

Or it is like with "weapons", the baddies are the users, not the producers and dealers.

currently watching "Gremlins 2 - The new batch"

quite funny and you can still make some parallels with today society/events.

I wanted to give a try at React, the doc mentions :
"First, you need to install install.
when npm is installed, you can create your react project with:"
`npx create-react-app my-app`

without ever presenting what 'npx' is.

I've also seen this with eg: Vue:
`npm create-YOUR-FWK-APP my-app ` which tends to not work.

Actually, npx is just an alias to npm --exec .

It'd seems silly to complain about but it a sign of bad doc.

Don't use shorthand, aliases without first introducing them!

it is even more important as javascript is known to have a gazillion of tools.

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@hicks Milgrams first experiments with shocks is just as disturbing

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I thought the video was in 1.5x but no, it is just how youtubers make video nowadays.

I was tired after watching 5% of the video.

slow down guys, if you don't trust your content, who will?!

I will throw this fucking DS418+ over the window.

3 min to apply a fucking password.

Quad Core


minimalist rant 2021:

"Fucking oil industry and their cars polluting and wasting precious metal just to go for 300m and grab your vegan kosher pretzel at the bakery."

When devs/users are complaining about bloated web and decide to either reinvent the wheel or leave the society instead of using simple HTML/CSS subset.

NO! sillicon valley is preventing you, hipster, of using <h><p><a><img><ol><dl> !!!!

Patterns are well assimilated. Maybe, you should get a real job.

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For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. BE HAPPY!!!

love the timing of some TV broadcaster, tonight:
"The day after tomorrow"

2004! jeeeez!

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