@wojciech Nice but on a Remarkable tablet, you should use a Serif font, please. :blobdetective:

@hicks ah, the UI tool I use doesn't really support changing fonts and... a lot of other stuff (which is by design - it's meant to be very simple[1]), so I also rely on fixed-width fonts for determining how much space paragraphs etc take.

[1] rmkit.dev/apps/sas

@hicks I might eventually make bindings for rmkit[1] or libremarkable[2] (if it's possible to interop with rust from Golang?) and then do it properly :)

[1] rmkit.dev/apps/rmkit
[2] github.com/canselcik/libremark



ooh, You are the dev of harmony and rmkit. I should shut up and reorder a remarkable 2. :)

though, my remark (no pun intended) was just for better comfort. You don't need to try to make it a config choice.

Look at Lagrange gemini client (github.com/skyjake/lagrange) , the default choice is just great.

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What, he blocked me ? :)

3 messages disappeared, totally friendly and then...


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