"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

@ssafar That’s not that awful. There’s software with weird enough dependencies that I really don’t want to figure out how to install the dependencies properly. Granted, extremely wrong things can and do also happen (like ad-hoc patching of files in /usr/lib :blobfoxterrified:).

If the Dockerfile is clear enough, it is self-contained recipe to install/build all the dependencies and build the software, so it can even help proper packaging downstream. I’d much rather prefer a Dockerfile that I run in reproducible manner than a bunch of unmaintained instructions in a text file, even if I ultimately wanted to install or package (AUR) a tool for my own native system.


@kristof I never met them. I mean service app. I wont use docker for a cli or gui app.
And if your deps is such an mess, i dont want your app.


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