I am disappointed by our tech community, especially in , regarding their blind trust for these patented .

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@hicks It's surprisingly simple, for something that took >1 year to develop and test.

Biotech engineers have a much harder job than most of us.

Being simple does not mean it works.

We don't know, as of today, if it works.

And reverse engineered does not mean patent is not an issue and even, that the reversed version is 100% compatible.

@hicks Uh? I thought the human trials completed long ago had already proved the efficacy of all approved vaccines:

We still don't know for sure how long the immunity will last, and whether the vaccines are also safe for children (but there are undergoing trials trying to determine this).

@codewiz How can they have completed a trial without pregnant women and children?
Person with asthma and other pulmonary disease are also excluded.

I have read the paper transmitted to CDC - not sure if it included phase 3 tbh.
There are no test/result against an activated virus.

And they are talking about a possible 3th dose, so sorry, efficiency is quite relative.

@hicks The fact sheet I was handed at Rite Aid says that the clinical trial was conducted on "approximately 20,000 individuals 16 years of age and older", which is why it's not yet available to younger people.

But note the "Revised December 2020" at the bottom: there's certainly more up-to-date information on the CDC website. My point is that people aren't being inoculated totally untested shit without being informed about possible risks and limitations.

@hicks And here's the latest information from the CDC on the Pfizer vaccine:

There are similar pages for the other vaccines, all with links to additional data.

Information is clear and easy to come by, so anyone who keeps on spreading FUD must either be acting in bad faith, or unable to type "covid19 vaccine information" into a search engine and click on the first link.

@codewiz FUD accusation.

I think you don't realize that trial is not complete.

It does not take 6 months to validate a vaccine, this is actually BS.

You don't validate a vaccine if all the demographic (by age) is tested.
16 -> older does not mean all the population.
You don't validate a vaccine if you don't know the long term effects.

Especially when you sell and condition people's freedom on a 70/80% vaccine coverage baseline.

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