okay, I must admit, is slick.

I won't use it for serious work but as "plug n play" distro and it does really well the job.

smooth, fast, click-click.
there's even the tilling mode.

I installed to play non-native games, here Sekiro and it works top noch on my AMD RX 5500.


NOTE: I put a B+ and not A because they include this piece of shit called glimpse in their appstore. :blobpoliceangry:

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Some whinnies forked GIMP because of the name (during the woke era of 2016-2018. Those whinnies never contributed to GIMP and can't code anyway.

2 years later, they just provided a build with the name stripped from the original application.

They did their campaign the dirty way.

I just saw they found some idiots and they raised $2,200 in total, just for a name change. 😂

> “We can take pride in what we achieved,” Moss adds.

fuck them.

> Not that a more marketable name was the sole motivation here, either.

marketable? :)

@Matthieu they literally coded nothing and still pretend they have produced something:

"If you currently use Glimpse you do not need to panic; you can continue to use Glimpse without any issues. Just be mindful that no further updates will be forthcoming and if you find any bugs they are unlikely to be fixed."

What a miserable person.

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