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The most irritating thing about this whole vaccine BS is the most basic of questions has been avoided.

@Some_German_Guy you got this with this sole toot
or you stalked me ?

you have too much free time.



This asshole is clearly violating the law and common sense.

But anyway, like the 3 others crazy girl, they are not helping their cause.


@Some_German_Guy @butterdog

ho. So a physical harassment by 3 disgusting naked people VS am old bigot with a piece of paper is the same level for you.

Let's celebrate mediocrity, people with disorders, thugs, junkies...


There are really laughing in their ivory towers.

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@flvc lol, you seem to have missed the FreeBSD CoC injection *in force* 2 years ago and the split it created. Just google it.

The FreeBSD project/community is sadly the most SJW ever.
Thanks to Benno, Michael W Lucas and the like.

parallalized download is a strange idea, to say the least.

Instead of having a pkg in 10sec, you get it now in 20 or more sec as pacman is downloading N pkgs at the same time dividing your bandwidth in N parts.

voila! :)

But I would prefer not hiding the voice of President Putin and use subtitles.

The NBC version is available on official Kremlin website with transcript. Far better.



I would be happy to see grandpa Joe Biden being questioned like this by a russian journalist for 1h20 :)

Not sure I would manage to go till the end but can be interesting.

Btw, as far as I kind of like these itw, you/they should avoid such stupid title.

« Biden was just asked if he stands by his statement that Putin is a killer. He nervously laughed and then completely lost his train of thought. I’ve never seen a trainwreck quite like this... To top it off, he couldn’t remember what the reporter’s second question was » (Twitter)

@noagendashowvideo and like with terrorist, it's most of the time an inside job.


@EdwardTorvalds nihilists are on stage.
they don't give a shit, they have money to sustain their lifestyle for their lifetime and just die without any other consequences.

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‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage • Children's Health Defense

Gates and Fauci knew it.


> Prima, maar wel graag beargumenteerd. Wat deze man doet heeft niets met een kritische blik te maken.

So? Is censorship the right response?

Response'd be a simple statement from or Eriksen's family/doc. I don't think family would lie for the sake of the vaccine campaign.

And it won't necessary mean that heart attack is linked to but if he had his jab, it deserves further analysis.

REMINDER: Vaccines received a temporary market authorization. We're still in trial.

Our authorities are playing with us like with flies, tearing them wings to see if it could fly again.

Loosing up a bit the restriction to give just a bit of water but reminding you every minutes that a possible nth wave could arise and we might go dry again.

Despite numbers being better than last year, last year without .

This is plain manipulation.

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