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1) we are at 1.5y in, looking at the stats, this rand bat-virus is hopefully pretty boring.
2) Risk of side-fxs on children (not even a risky demog. at first) are quite severe and even tho you could heal them if on time, as a responsible parent, that's a f# NO GO!
But, I'm not even about side-fxs, this vaccine narrative is just political BS to maintain or push us in a certain direction - and the Reason isn't be part of it.

@mystik @atoponce @Horizon_Innovations

I like the new look of 89.

Subtle changes.

Thanks and kudos!

@h3artbl33d It will be a disaster.
Intel should disappear, they made, with Microsoft so much bad to the industry.

Moreover 2Bn is peanuts.
NVIDIA paid 40Bn for ARM .

@EdwardTorvalds we should create NFT of his and ORACLE's tweet before they remove it.

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@awaspnest Again, while we should appreciate details about this vaccine, this is the wrong discussion IMHO.
Like @Horizon_Innovations said: there's no proof it stops infection and transmission. That's enough to me.
This kind of rush and new target to reach is just a political move in front of a mild disease - for 99.x% of the population.

btw, dear people, hurry vaxxer (which are not part of the risky population):
Do you know that you are going to die, one day ?

We know they made mistake, we know they used wrong indicators/metrics but because they can't officially admit it, authorities and professionals go on.

@awaspnest I am also annoyed by person using this argument against Pfizer. I don't give a shit about techno behind, the balance and the outcome -> surviving is what matters to me.

I feel people are fooling each others:
The pros Pfizer "hey look, mRNA is high-tech, they can reconfigure the vacc blah blah", people against: "this is gene therapy or experimental"

@Horizon_Innovations @atoponce

@awaspnest There are people too indeed and for them the balance Benefit/Risk would make sense.

@Horizon_Innovations @atoponce

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There is known safe treatment for Covid, vax not needed. No known treatments for side effects of vax. Vax uses gene therapy technology. Recovery rate of C19 is 99.8%. majority of those who died where: over 70yo, obese, underlying conditions.
All the above is verifiable.
It's not about the virus!
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@DudeNamedBen WHAT? Could it be just a question of money?

Really? that simple? In our capitalist world???

I can't believe it!

- First: "Whatever" is not acceptable. I do hope you are not MD.
- Second: Show me the data about the long term effects of COVID-19 (severity, demographic, etc...)
- Third: 0.04% of the global population died allegedly of the COVID19. When I say "allegedly" I don't pretend COVID does not kill but it might be not the only/main factor in most cases.
- Fourth: Where is the hurry?


Why not Sputnik or coronaVac ?

Lack of technical jargon ? You can't brag pretending you understand ? :)

Yeah but you na, russian mob and chinese triad, you should be careful.
After all, Pfizer has a blank case.

@atoponce That's annoying. Because a douch (Enrico here) presents the most stupid argument - or troll against this rushed and unproven yet vaccine (long term people, long term!) - people like Linus jump into the place with sounded argument but discard the fact that we don't have the data, we are close to summer so, case drops AND this disease is mild for most!

People forget that we have nihilists/capitalists in place (gov, companies), they - rich, privileged - are in the second part of their life (past 40-50) and don't care about their impact.
They have enough resources and comfort for the rest of their lifetime and more.

@stux lol. I think it's time for me then.

but I am pretty sure your previous mention earlier.

anyway. Prost 🍻

@stux you are in The Netherlands, aren't you ?
20h is soooo early :)

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