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RIP, Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut. Fly with Neil, star voyager ⭐

Learning that the mother was visually impaired was hard... feeewww

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- get the 258mb archive
- chmod a+x kdenlive-21.04.0-x86_64.appimage
- ./kdenlive-21.04.0-x86_64.appimage


Zero kde libs installed on my PC nor 3gb of runtime. Tell me now, why we would need this mass weapon destruction called ?

announced that the company would begin accepting BTC as payment for its cars, which drove up the value of BTC, then sold enough BTC to make a hundred million in profit.


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Tesla Q1 net profit reached a new record for Tesla, at $438 million. Revenue for the electric car company was up massively to $10.39 billion. Unfortunately, all of that profit is accounted for in the company selling $518 million in regulatory credits, and $101 million was found in buying and then later selling Bitcoin. That second point is particularly interesting, as Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of BTC...

to limit garbage in your google results 

Use the `-site://` statement to exclude sites from the results.

-site://** -site://** "the thing you are actually looking for"

injected 1.5millions dollars into few months ago, one quarter later, it worths 2.x billions dollars.

I think, even the most greedy trader of 2008 would have scruples.

RIP Michael Collins, the often forgotten third astronaut of the Apollo 11 mission.

I had to duckduckgo to reach the download page for the firmware. Fuck you

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RT @Ale[email protected]

I thought this was a myth, but no: the government will pay up to $9,000 for a funeral for someone who dies of . Which is $9,000 more than it will pay for the funeral of anyone else.

That's not an incentive to report a death as Covid-related AT ALL.

COVID funeral reimbursement now $9,000:

Since when it was a good idea for a network device to be reachable by and configured through the vendor?

2020-2021 would have burned out some quite notorious masto accounts and prolific blogs.

feeling a void. :/

Why do you have to apply an opt-in and accept a privacy agreement?

Why can't the mic just be triggered on such activity (alarm, phonecall) without the need to contact mothership?
Can't it be just local?

I don't care about such feature tbh but the way they present it is clearly too fishy.

price increase

what's wrong with having its own music library, again?

can we have a secure chat application that does not suxx, something like Telegram but fully opensource?

Instead of your Nth cryptocurrency ? :)

woah, search added thumbnails in the prediction list from the search bar.

completely useless but I applause the performance.

oh and I put a file on an USB pendrive (In FAT32), this daughter* of a dipshit of Windows refused to open the key.

Murphy should be renamed in Windows.

Shitty OS.

*i am for diversity in my insults :)

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