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I had to involve my for a damage on my house.
After +10years of paying a premium, all they could do is to support 80% of the cost which represent 90% of my overall payment to them.

Pareto law?!
"80% of your investment represent 20% of your coverage. (Without inflation)"

- Netflix $9.99/month
- Apple Arcade $4.99/month

- Covid19 vaccine/3 months price: freedom

- Elon : doge is a joke.
>> Drop by 50%...
- Elon: gonna fund a satellite with doge.
>> coin back to ~last highest value.

== Elon is a troll

okay, I must admit, is slick.

I won't use it for serious work but as "plug n play" distro and it does really well the job.

smooth, fast, click-click.
there's even the tilling mode.

I installed to play non-native games, here Sekiro and it works top noch on my AMD RX 5500.


NOTE: I put a B+ and not A because they include this piece of shit called glimpse in their appstore. :blobpoliceangry:

I am disappointed by our tech community, especially in , regarding their blind trust for these patented .

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Did you know almost 4,000 children have been vaccinated for COVID-19 in the States?
And that:
9 died within 28 days (0.2%)?
7 almost died?
3 were permanently disabled?
71 had to see a doctor or were admitted to hospital or had their stay prolonged?
Why isn't this headline news?

Complete the request form, filtering and grouping by age, vaccine, etc.:

Hello Mr Trump. :)

he is showing that is the way to go.

note: I am not american.

I can't stop laughing, sorry.

11 years of Gnome 3.x

Need a 3 days camp at GUADEC in Maldive 2022 to discuss this annoying button shape and color.

yeah, it's not fair to make fun of , but gnome going beyond the technical aspect in their communication, so why not? :P

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same for and even more for

Do it for you, for us and the planet: CO2 emission, battery wearing out, data cap,...

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Pls don't create a channel just to get an audience. Do it on your blog.

Video is an horrible media for tech.

If you want to see how many people follows you or "engage" w/ them, just snoop on your webserver, provide a comment section, make it sticky on the right or left of your website and painless if it matters.
I'm astonished by some bloggers who get suddenly crazy when they see their subscriber count.

You are allowed to use twitter and reddit to spread your "creation" ^_-

online shop is a freaking nightmare.

They don't want to make money, I think.

what I like with Aliexpress, is that some merchants show the internal circuitry/PCB of the product they sell as a demonstration of quality.

Actually I don't care about this project, 11 years in Gnome Shell and they are still discussing about button orientation & overview interest. ah and it still slow af!

I guess their today frustration is because they can't squander GNOME's funds in sand castle building in Spain or free diner in Cyprus behind the cover of a GUADEC. Shitty COVID19!
Hopefully, migration to **GTK5** will maintain the need to fund the foundation for the next 10years.

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