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"Demonstrating that they don’t know jack either, Jackbox Games seem to have accidentally released their latest bundle of multiplayer games a few hours earlier than planned."

Stop it Alice! It's too much! The news is not built to withstand this much wit! It's gonna blow!


git weirdness part 5278:

`git check-ignore` will list a file if it matches an ignore pattern. This includes patterns that cause the file to _not_ be ignored, like `!notthatfile`.

So without `-v`, there is no way of knowing whether a file being listed means it is ignored or not.

Did you hear the police are after Lauryn Hill? She's a fugeetive.

Deleted it. It turns out there are mods that could give me a proper balance (proper of course being subjective), but I don't want to invest the effort.

My initial attempt turned out waaay too easy, but it also showed me how little I really enjoy the systems here - concealment is such a weird mechanic that has a lot of abilities dedicated to it that just seem entirely useless.

The fundamental reliance on RNG has always been a bit of a sore spot for me, and this one can't get around that.

Most modern search engines will not even /consider/ the possibility that I want what I asked for. Surely I misspoke. Surely those characters can't belong that that order, those words in the grammar, those ideas in that query. Wouldn't I like a nice cup of tea?

XCOM 2 makes me angry.

I loved XCOM:EU, completed it and EW, and 2 just.... the relentless onslaught of timers (with misleading numbering - I expected to have to leave at the round that the timer is 0) and enemies that are all highly lethal, with stupidly powerful abilities. All that with a lot of RNG.

Plus the technical glitches and horrendous framerates (though I'm on linux, so...) that still haven't been fixed.

Unless I can find some magic mods to remove all the BS, I think I'm done.

If anyone makes a movie out of my life, let it be called:

There will be puns

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

Why was there never a sequel to Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf?

That game had some really nice ideas, it just was a bit janky. Remove the jank and you get something special!

@gaditb rms is right about a lot of things the problem is that also, and on everything else, he’s rms

Okay, wikipedia, I get that "Mrs" came from "mistress", which is now used differently.

What I would love to know is why on earth it is now pronounced "misses" when that "r" is still there? Either remove the "r", or pronounce it! This isn't french or gaelic where you can just add a few letters here and there!


Huge Star Trek fan here, but I got to say: The Orville is better than all the recent Star Trek franchises I've seen.

You can roast me now.

Have I already mentioned that you should play CrossCode?

It contains PUNS! 🤩

You know how CrossCode is utterly brilliant and y'all should buy it?

Well, it's not perfect. There's a "puzzle" in the late game that requires you to move through these... "poles" in a certain (but invisible) order, and the only indication you get that you're wrong is that it tells you "tracking is cancelled", at which point you need to go back to the starting point (manually) and retry.

It's also extremely fiddly - even if you know de way, it'll often fail.

You need to do this three times.

I think I might be over Star Wars.

I mean I've never been a huge fan (always preferred Trek), but really, seeing The Force Awakens, and Kylo Ren for the first time.... I can't believe that's not parody.

That character, that story, it's all just soooooo ridiculous that it killed the franchise for me.

I hate one thing more than most and that is people who think insulting, berating or "criticising" something is the same as helping or improving it.
It very rarely is. Your thoughts are not the rarefied air of perfections you think they are.

I love people who go "oh this wasn't very good (note, no insults), what if we do this?" and then propose or start doing the change.

What's the ettiquette on replying to people?

Like... if I read your toot, and I reply, and I do that five times in a day, is that creepy? Or just normal?

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