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Okay, I'm moving to my old-but-forgotten account @faho.

See you!

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Okay, I'm moving to my old-but-forgotten account @faho.

See you!

Okay, I'm moving to my old-but-forgotten account @faho.

See you!

Business idea: A fish MMO. Call it

Gilled Wars

Is it me, or has the internet gotten really really boring?

Like... there's a million sites I could go to, but all I do is visit the same three things over and over in the vain hope that some scrap of entertainment is on there.

Youtube has billions of videos, 99.99999% of which are just complete and utter shite, often ai-generated gibberish and of the rest most don't interest me, and of that rest most I've already seen four times.

Geez I'm feeling jaded. Maybe I should just read a book.

Was Carly Rae Jepsen named after the episode "Willona's Surprise" of the sitcom Good Times, in which actor Carl Lee plays a character named Ray Woods?

Wait, apparently "wololo" is xhosa for "hello".

Was that intentional on part of the Age Of Empires people?

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Why was Pavlov's hair so soft? 

He conditioned it.

You know what I kind of hate about the metal scene?

This idea that you need to eventually get into black metal.

I've been a metalhead my entire life, but I couldn't list all the stuff I'd rather listen to than Immortal.

(and no, this isn't just because I haven't heard good black metal yet - I just don't like it)

I really want the Dalai Lama to make his own hardware.

Then he'd be a



Gosh, Supraland is brilliant!

Imagine if Portal and Zelda had a baby and set it in a literal sandbox.

Also it hands out upgrades like candy (well, like I'm handing out candy to my mouth - I have a bit of a sweet tooth).

I did get my first "donation" today - someone insisted on buying me a beer for that weird kwin plugin I wrote most of.

I don't really want to make it a thing, because I'm wary of taxes and stuff, but it was a nice gesture.

Plenty of things happening this week, but nothing I can really talk about.

This is stuff-I-earn-money-with, and I kinda prefer to keep that quiet.

The existence of a "hyperlink" implies the existence of a hyperzelda, hyperganon and hypertriforce.










The existence of Norway implies the existence of NANDway.

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