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Should I do one of those fancy "hashtag-introduction" things?

Like... the only thing I could say there is

I'm Fabian. Hi!

I'm an idiot.

I sometimes do computery things, like on the fish shell. I use linux, and make that stuff there.

I like music (I grew up on metal and prog rock) and puns. If you read this, don't look further, there will be puns.

I'm german.

I am not a banana.

Huh.. I suppose that's it. .

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@gcupc @nolan I make no claim that any of my thoughts is original 😃 .

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@hirnbrot the #2 problem with computers are programmers

the #1 one is hardware designers

If you're a lady who loves ladies and bleromer, you're a


If you're a lady who loves ladies and also a huge brand of razors, you're a


If you're a lady who loves ladies and also a certain american jazz trumpeter, you're a


Why is hipster hop not a genre of music?

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Guys who only talk in clichés:


If you're posting lewd things about the circle number, is that



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If you listen to a song while preparing gifts, is that

wrap music


Sometimes I come up with weird portmanteaus just to check if someone on urban dictionary has already come up with it.

Most of the time I am not disappointed.



I think I need to rewire my brain to be able to use unironically.

Now playing on Hirnbrot's House Of Horrors:

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Was there an animated movie where an elephant starts rapping "I like big trunks and I cannot lie" or was that my imagination?

You ever think about how bad Showgirls was?

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@lynnesbian this compression algorithm can losslessly compress any file that is at least one byte long

Have you ever yelled at a program?

That was a



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