Another thing I don't get: Why you'd want to store your music as FLAC.

I understand that it's lossless, but what is that useful for?

It doesn't sound better than lossy at high bitrates (which is still smaller), and you're _not_ going to transcode it for every device, because everything already plays mp3.

So why not just keep everything as high-quality mp3, and then copy that around?

@scarlett In that case, sure. Keep everything as FLAC until you're done.

But most people don't do that.

(I'm not saying there is absolutely no use ever for FLAC, but for the case of keeping your music at home, I think it's not all that useful)

a) high-quality OGG, you mean. MP3 cuts a lot of data, anything but pop music sounds awful.
b) lossless (FLAC, PCM) are good for editing. AMVs, sound effects, all sorts.

@oreolek No, I mean mp3, because ogg doesn't have the universal support that that has.

Even the most awful devices can play an mp3, only those that are better on the software side can play ogg.

@hirnbrot well, as long as you don't regularly use the most awful devices, it's just… not a reason.

@oreolek Never had a car radio that only read mp3s with filenames up to 12 characters?

@hirnbrot last time i saw something like that was 10 years ago. Now format support in music players and mobile phones covers at least OGG and FLAC, and "filenames up to 12 characters"… come on, FAT16 and Windows XP are dead.

@hirnbrot @oreolek "why don't you do this thing"
"because it doesn't apply to me"
"lucky you"

@tromino Yes.

I've had to deal with a weird car radio last week, and it's not something I cherish.

But using ogg or flac would have made that worse.

@hirnbrot for casual usage that's enough (mp3, etc) but you need to start converting when you get into using for example samples of it for production quality music that shouldn't sound miserable. I have encountered lots of WAV support in the applications I started using but no FLAC and no mp3.
And I don't even know what more expensive proprietary applications want.

For one reason why not everything as mp3.
@hirnbrot I have no real preference (my personal copies of my CDs and LPs range from low quality mp3s, WMAs, to ogg, and other formats). I think WAV makes it easier from a conversion point to store music. FLAC.. just a choice probably, once you disregard the differences in code.

@hirnbrot now that's a hot take for the week. FLACs are superior in every way and, yes, I do convert them to mp3s to play on different players. Does it make sense? Nah Does it make me feel cooler than you? Frick yeah.

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