I kinda want more reasons to write python. It's a language I've always liked, but I had surprisingly little use for it.

On the other hand, maybe I should get my shell scripting-damaged mind to get to use a proper type system, where not everything is a string.

On the other other hand (yes, I have three hands), any time not everything is a string I tend to hate working with strings. Like in my 5 minutes with rust, where there was a difference between a "str" and a "string" or something?

@hirnbrot Ha! I have the exact oposite problem: I keep finding reasons to write Python but I just can't like it. It's the whitespace. Like, what the heck.

Also, I ❤ rust. Maybe we should swap?

@jy Honestly all my whitespace complaints disappeared once I switched to an editor that handled it for me.

Then you just need to not have tab characters in files (seriously, they should have picked one indendation character and disallow everything else).

@hirnbrot Also, if you want a good reason and you're into embedded stuff, you should try out MicroPython.

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