Is it me, or has the internet gotten really really boring?

Like... there's a million sites I could go to, but all I do is visit the same three things over and over in the vain hope that some scrap of entertainment is on there.

Youtube has billions of videos, 99.99999% of which are just complete and utter shite, often ai-generated gibberish and of the rest most don't interest me, and of that rest most I've already seen four times.

Geez I'm feeling jaded. Maybe I should just read a book.

ever tried deliberately going into a wikipedia rabbit hole? Find a random wiki page, find there any term that interests you, google it, find another wiki page, inevitably continue for 20 hours straight

@chebra @hirnbrot

ooof wikipedia-black holes are my heroin... dangerous stuff.

@chebra Lovely sentiment, but I'm kinda wikipedia'd out? I've read it for fun sooo much that I think I'm done.

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