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Okay, I'm moving to my old-but-forgotten account @faho.

See you!

Okay, I'm moving to my old-but-forgotten account @faho.

See you!

@jellypotato @lynnesbian @halcy Which is weird, because Edelweiss is quite important symbolically in Germany as well - ever heard of the Edelweisspiraten?

@halcy @lynnesbian I've quite literally never heard of it.

Pretty, though!

@lynnesbian The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.

That's the only one of these you need to know.

@bandie You ever had any leaf-infused water? Would that be


@sireebob You don't know the Shit brothers?

Jack and Bull?

being judgy about sports 

@dpreacher You see, part of what these "easy" distros do is pre-configuration, and often that just means picking some option, and if you change it you're back in "difficult"-land.

In this case, they picked resolvd, because that's ostensibly a reasonable default. They didn't write a thing that manages it in an easy way because they don't actually make the OS top-to-bottom, and the people who wrote it envisioned it being used differently.

@dpreacher I get that, but why?

Are there any big problem with them?

I've never really had issues with mine.

@dpreacher Out of curiosity: Why do you care about DNS servers then?

@dpreacher Sure, they should take care of that. But TBH the distro probably doesn't have the manpower (which is why I stick to the big ones), and this is upstream work.

It's possible you could report a bug and they'd fix it, but I wouldn't count on it.

I kinda wrote nm off years ago because it always wanted to manage everything and took too long to start.

@dpreacher Probably because /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink to one of the resolved files, in which case networkmanager uses it.

Or your Networkmanager.conf specifies resolvd. See `man 5 Networkmanager.conf`, search for "dns".

Business idea: A fish MMO. Call it

Gilled Wars

@chebra Lovely sentiment, but I'm kinda wikipedia'd out? I've read it for fun sooo much that I think I'm done.

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