What is the best movie ever made?

@bandie @Jo That might be good for some kind of cross-over, like rap metal or electronic metal or something.

I don't think bimetal is particularly cheap (and also it was invented for use in ships clocks, to counteract the temperature differences (IIRC). If you're ever in london, the greenwhich observatory has a fascinating exhibit, and also it's just a really nice location in general, especially if the weather is nice. And fish'n'chips are great. What was I talking about again?)

@Jo Can we refer to off-the-shelf cheap metal as

sheet metal


If nobody in Hamilton's party had snitched this would be the american flag now:

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@sinvega Do ya reckon when they're partying he calls himself Drinklage?

What I'm saying is there's a lot of untapped potential in stupid hip hop puns and politics.

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Uspol, stupid Show more

So WiFi has a "Traffic Identifier", which is a way to mark packets as being a certain kind of thing. And because this is digital technology, by necessity this is made up of


If I'm reading my latin correctly, it is possible to refer to a rough dude named "Augustus" as

Aspera Gus

Sometimes, I come up with words that I then look up and notice someone has already added to Urban Dictionary. Usually, I'm happy about it.

This is not one of those times:

soosh (food)
n- Sushi, phonetically shortened.
1. Man, I could really go for some Tokyo Palace soosh right now.


In my hand is a new word,
But the word is still
Without a body

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