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A country made for driving a type of motorcycle with a step-through frame and a platform for the rider's feet?

Scootland, of course!

Did you know that the leader of the catholic church is always thinking positive? He's a


You ever stand in the kitchen, anxious at what might be coming out of the oven?

You know, no matter how old Samuel Langhorne Clemens got, he was always twainty.

Nice side effect: It now also works better with narrow windows, which are common if you use a tiling WM.

You know, like I do.

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Okay, I think my blog's css should now work better on a phone.

In particular I've gone the "reflow to fit my screen" route, not the "let me just zoom around" route.

For the most part, this turned out to be a matter of changing "width: xyz px" to "max-width: xyz px".

It might be possible to use % instead, but that's a bigger change.

I'm gonna manage taming this web thing yet!

How is `ss`s output such a disaster?

Like... it just outputs lines that are too long for the terminal, but it does it because it's added padding?

Why is one line 161 characters long, with a 40-space run in the middle? It doesn't seem to be adjusting for the longest line (that still has 18 spaces!) or $COLUMNS (that's 152).

So what on earth is it doing?

(and no, don't @ me about general "oh, linux suxors". That bores me)

Why do they call it "the pope", and not the



Okay, game time!

Which one is THE Saurus?

He was a skelter boy
She said see you helter boy

Has someone coined the phrase

yeets ahead


Philosophical question of the day:

Does @netkitty count as a bot?

Still can't quite get over the fact that the swedish word for "pregnancy" is


I can't help but think of a belly and its gravity!

Business idea: Cooking instruction videos for lazy jaded dumbasses.

Food preparation 

Also chefs really tend to underestimate how long something takes, and overestimate how much time people have to cook.

I mean I still cook myself, most of the time, but I also often cook for two days at a time.

Food preparation 

So I've watched a cooking instruction video a couple of days ago, by a canadian chef.

And it turns out that all those cuts you do to veggies? They *all* have special french names. All of those things my mum taught me when I was 8 or so, they all have names that aren't just related to the shape

"dicing" is kinda self-explanatory, "julienne" is not.

And that weirds me out.

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