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I kinda want more reasons to write python. It's a language I've always liked, but I had surprisingly little use for it.

On the other hand, maybe I should get my shell scripting-damaged mind to get to use a proper type system, where not everything is a string.

On the other other hand (yes, I have three hands), any time not everything is a string I tend to hate working with strings. Like in my 5 minutes with rust, where there was a difference between a "str" and a "string" or something?


Lewd, stupid 

Things Fabian doesn't know 

Why is it called "amplitude", and not "waveheight"?

"Higher Ed"? Well, what drugs did he take?

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Lads, lasses and lenbies:

I think I need to rewatch Star Trek. All of it.

Worf: A warrior may only have one mate, until death do them part.

Other Klingons: nuq DaH???

I love how Star Trek makes it clear that Worf has a really warped (hehehe) view of Klingon culture.

Worf: Warriors need to be sober, to always be ready for honorable battle. Give me prune juice!

Other Klingons: In sangvino veritas

Lewd, Star Trek, stupid 

Lewd, Star Trek, stupid 

I'm honestly kinda proud of this one because I managed to crop just the crown out of its picture via the "select similar color" tool and inverting the selection.

My favorite nobelman:

The Earl Of Sinclair

(cw: eye contact)


I could really make a regular feature:

Things Fabian doesn't know

Any interest?

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