@AmarOk you and Andrien might be interested in this workshop paper "OUTOPIA: private user discovery on the internet" dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3517208

初春まづ 酒に梅売る 匂ひかな

Firstly, at the beginning of Spring,
They sell Sake and ume blossoms
And I smell them.

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Our paper (with C. Lamb) describing how #reproduciblebuilds help in securing the free/#opensource software #supplychain is now out in the IEEE Software March/April 2022 issue: computer.org/csdl/magazine/so/

cc: @reproducible_builds @[email protected]

#openaccess preprint available at: arxiv.org/abs/2104.06020

End of the day for the trusted computing room at in cyber-Brussels. Very interesting presentations, kudos to all organizers it must have been so much work 🙂

For the curious, it's in the Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing room, scheduled on Saturday (Feb 5th) at 14:55


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Almost done preparing my FOSDEM talk on FlexOS... we'll talk OS design, compartmentalization, and specialization 🙂

The evil @[email protected] made me submit something to the #plos21 Workshop. And so should you do. There is still time to finish your paper and hit the submit button.

Il y a COMPAS'21 la semaine prochaine! Je présenterai "FlexOS : Vers une Isolation Flexible du Noyau". On parlera compartimentage, noyau, spécialisation, sécurité, et un peu vérification formelle...


June clouds,
At ease on
Arashiyama Peak.

- Bashō 松尾芭蕉

First day at the office after almost a year remote!

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