Leaving . Thanks everybody for making this happen, it was beautiful.

Oh, and, did you know that Leipzig Hbf is the largest railway station in europe?

slides of the "A systematic evaluation of OpenBSD’s mitigations" talk given at the 36c3 the 29th of December 2019 isopenbsdsecu.re (fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres)

Messe during 36C3, Leipzig (Germany). The hall is beautifully calm in the morning. Sunlight and morning mist.

Tackling Debian security issues at . Surprisingly to me, the congress happens to be a good place to get some work done 🍥

I'm glad to announce that the @swheritage Graph Dataset has been selected as topic for the upcoming @msrconf Mining Challenge. CFP to appear soon at 2020.msrconf.org/track/msr-202
Meanwhile, you can learn more about the dataset from this preprint upsilon.cc/~zack/research/publ #msr2020

What's your favorite way to pick a random element from an enum? iter().collect().choose() or implementing rand::random() like:

impl Distribution<Foo> for Standard {
fn sample<R: Rng + ?Sized>(&self, rng: &mut R) -> Foo {}

At least the second one is fully customizable (i.e. changing probabilities, skipping elements from the enum) eg.


Just switched from mutt to neomutt, migrating from mbox to maildir + notmuch.

The migration was trickier than expected, but notmuch is really impressive, I guess it was worth the time.

Torre Panorâmica, Curitiba (Brazil). The buildings along the Padre Agostinho street look like huge concrete wall

I had a memorable week at . Hacking with friends, local beer. 18 uploads to bullseye, buster-pu, stretch-pu, and jessie-sec 🍥🐧

Debconf people, thanks for making this happen!

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