I will give a talk about , Monday (July 30) at !

Want to talk about Ring ? Interested in contributing ? Come over and let's share a cup of tea :-) 🍥 🍵

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@hle the past few Ring versions from F-Droid (most recent 20180712) crash on startup on my tablet with no information. With that kind of out-of-the-box experience I can neither try nor convince others to try this application.

@keverets That's clearly not an acceptable behaviour. Is it specific to the F-Droid version ? I'm not working on the Android client, but @[email protected] or @AmarOk might have an idea. Anyways, thanks for reporting the issue :-)

@hle @ring Too bad it is not taped. I would have liked to watch a speak like that.

@Wyatt @ring The talk was not directly Debian-related, so it got scheduled as an ad-hoc talk. The video team was too busy to record ad-hoc talks (and I truly respect that, they're doing great work!)

If you're interested: we will soon publish an article about this talk on our dev blog ( :-)

@hle Cool thanks. I'll keep an eye on the blog then :)

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