Our paper "Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way" been awarded Best Paper Award at ! :)

Chinatown, Manchester (UK). I tried three different asian supermarkets but couldn't find Dashi stock 🍲

Kilburn Building, University of Manchester (UK). Home of the Computer Science Department.

The Old Quadrangle, University of Manchester (UK). Gothic style from the late 19th century.

Hello fediverse, today I am relocating to Manchester, UK! I am starting a PhD in systems and security with a focus on unikernels and hardware capabilities :-)

Leaving . Thanks everybody for making this happen, it was beautiful.

Oh, and, did you know that Leipzig Hbf is the largest railway station in europe?

Messe during 36C3, Leipzig (Germany). The hall is beautifully calm in the morning. Sunlight and morning mist.

Torre Panorâmica, Curitiba (Brazil). The buildings along the Padre Agostinho street look like huge concrete wall

Leaving Brussels after . First time for me there. I enjoyed RISC-V and unikernel talks much, and meeting my Debian friends was priceless. 🐧🍺

Thanks to all organizers and helpers!

Porting Debian to the RISC-V architecture by Karsten Merker in AW1.126 ! 🍥🐧

A short bike ride, and among the clouds Karlsruhe's eighteenth century castle. A moment of stillness.

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