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Enjoying beautiful weather in Saguenay, Québec. Waterfall sound and gentle wind in the pines. 🐿🌲

Taipei 101: «No outside food allowed». Well, very appropriate logo :-)

Vagrant Cascadian on GNU Guix in Yushan room. What can APT learn from the Guix package manager ? 🍥🐃

Hsinchu, Taïwan: Scooters everywhere. Break on a downtown bridge, on the way back from daytrip 🍥🌞

Looks like Montréal Airport is having a hard time with Windows. Guys, time to switch to ? :-) 🐧🍥

When you realize the insane number of squirrels living in your neighborhood park 🐿

just ended ! ⌛🔓 It's been a lot a fun, among others: great teamwork, learned many things - at the very least how to setup ipv6-only networks on my laptop :-)


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