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Tackling Debian security issues at . Surprisingly to me, the congress happens to be a good place to get some work done 🍥

I'm glad to announce that the @swheritage Graph Dataset has been selected as topic for the upcoming @msrconf Mining Challenge. CFP to appear soon at
Meanwhile, you can learn more about the dataset from this preprint #msr2020

What's your favorite way to pick a random element from an enum? iter().collect().choose() or implementing rand::random() like:

impl Distribution<Foo> for Standard {
fn sample<R: Rng + ?Sized>(&self, rng: &mut R) -> Foo {}

At least the second one is fully customizable (i.e. changing probabilities, skipping elements from the enum) eg.

Just switched from mutt to neomutt, migrating from mbox to maildir + notmuch.

The migration was trickier than expected, but notmuch is really impressive, I guess it was worth the time.

Torre Panorâmica, Curitiba (Brazil). The buildings along the Padre Agostinho street look like huge concrete wall

I had a memorable week at . Hacking with friends, local beer. 18 uploads to bullseye, buster-pu, stretch-pu, and jessie-sec 🍥🐧

Debconf people, thanks for making this happen!

Elixir now indexes the QEMU project too. See by yourself on . More are coming soon as Elixir scales pretty well :)

Can't wait for this Buster thing to just be released.

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