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We released our artifact evaluation repository:

If you have any trouble reproducing our findings, we will be happy to help!

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The goal is ultimately to achieve high performance for cloud applications, HPC, serverless computing, or embedded OSes, while minimizing resource usage. A full-fledged Linux is maybe not
always the best choice :)

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Last week, our paper "Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way" was accepted to appear in EuroSys'21! In this paper my colleagues and I present a new library OS that makes it easy to fully customize OS primitives for a given application.

"The modern packager’s security nightmare" by Michał Górny. Nice blog post about the whats and the whys of today's distros security teams struggles.

Découverte du jour : pendant l'exécution de la commande `cp` sur un fichier lourd, appuyer sur Ctrl + T permet d'afficher la progression de la copie. 🤯

Cela est rendu possible par le fait que cette combinaison de touches envoie le signal SIGINFO.

#jeRecrute (et cette fois, c'est vraiment moi, ou presque).

On cherche un·e futur·e doctorant pour travailler pendant trois ans sur un excellent projet de R&D européen où il y a de l'#IoT, de la #cryptographie, de la #viePrivée et où on travaille en C sur #RIOT. Master d'informatique ? Lance-toi !

bortzmeyer (at) si vous voulez des détails (c'est pas encore sur le site Web, mais bientôt)

I recently discovered Spacepod, a weekly astronomy podcast by Carrie Nugent. It's scientific and accessible; many topics are fascinating and relate closely to computer science problems. I recommend it!

Chinatown, Manchester (UK). I tried three different asian supermarkets but couldn't find Dashi stock 🍲

Kilburn Building, University of Manchester (UK). Home of the Computer Science Department.

The Old Quadrangle, University of Manchester (UK). Gothic style from the late 19th century.

The airport here in Frankfurt is not as empty as I thought. Much less crowded than usual, but still quite busy compared to what I was expecting.

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Hello fediverse, today I am relocating to Manchester, UK! I am starting a PhD in systems and security with a focus on unikernels and hardware capabilities :-)

Leaving . Thanks everybody for making this happen, it was beautiful.

Oh, and, did you know that Leipzig Hbf is the largest railway station in europe?

Messe during 36C3, Leipzig (Germany). The hall is beautifully calm in the morning. Sunlight and morning mist.

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