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June clouds,
At ease on
Arashiyama Peak.

- Bashō 松尾芭蕉

First day at the office after almost a year remote!

Really happy to see getting better and better! I worked a lot on the Gnome code base, but the benefits of a unified client are clear. :)

Another really interesting piece of work: "Unix Shell Programming: The Next 50 Years". The presentation was excellent!

The video:
The paper:

Very, very cool presentation of "Stop! Hammer Time: Rethinking Our Approach to Rowhammer Mitigations" yesterday by Kevin Loughlin: the entire presentation RHYMES!

The video:

The paper:

HotOS is a really nice workshop for crazy OS/systems research. Clearly you don't need to be into academic research to enjoy it! The registration is free and videos are online:

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Next week I will present my research, "FlexOS: Making OS Isolation Flexible" at HotOS'21!

In this position paper, we investigate flexible isolation boundaries in modern OSes. The goal is
to design an OS that is not bound to a specific isolation approach or mechanism! How cool is this?!


Recommendation: "Hôtel des Lucioles", un album jeunesse plein de bonnes ondes, "insectophile, écologique et humoristique"! Les illustrations sont géniales, la réalisation locale et écolo. 🐝

Il reste 8 jours pour soutenir le projet!

Our paper "Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way" been awarded Best Paper Award at ! :)

The welcome session of EuroSys'21 is starting! 🐑 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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EuroSec 2021 is starting now with "SGXoMeter: Open and Modular Benchmarking for Intel SGX"!

After that, pretty excited to attend "Fine-grained Program Partitioning for Security".

And I'll be present at the Q&A of our paper, "Unikraft: fast, specialized unikernels the easy way"!

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"SmartHarvest: Harvesting Idle CPUs Safely and Efficiently in the Cloud" by Wang et. al. too sounds promising

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Also "OFC: an opportunistic caching system for FaaS platforms" by Mvondo et. al., friends from (among others) ENS Lyon

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In my schedule: "Understanding and Dealing with Hard Faults in
Persistent Memory Systems" by Choi et. al.

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Hey, interested in OS research/systems? EuroSys takes place online Mon-Wed next week and you can still register for free

I am impressed by how powerful is. It is literally a matter of writing reasonably complex source to source transformations in minutes instead of days (for a clang frontend pass for example). Semantic patches are also very easy to maintain.


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