Ok #fediverse, I need you help finding a free/libre open source (#floss) tool that works on #Windows + #Ubuntu (or can be installed on a server) that does the following:

* Hand written notes
* Typed notes
* Import & handwrite over images
* Import & highlight & handwrite over PDFs/text docs

I want basically a FLOSS equivalent of Microsoft OneNote for when I start grad school in the fall.

@remram44 and I have been looking, to no avail...

@vickysteeves @remram44 The only thing I know of that can do the handwriting part is xournal, but I don't use it so I don't know how good it is.

Otherwise, Zim Desktop Wiki zim-wiki.org/ and Cherrytree notes giuspen.com/cherrytree/ are popular. I use them both frequently for different things. Zim would probably be the better of the two. It can handle attachments and can inline display images, diagrams, equations, etc.


@leadore @vickysteeves @remram44 ZIM is a really great tool and what I use for almost all things I do at university (and home). And together with zotxt and zim-zotero-plugin it's even better. 🙂

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