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We've joined a list of other awesome web apps that work well without ever logging in 😎

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Does anyone here ever had any issues with 8.0 and built in card readers in notebooks? Yesterday, I was flashing an sd card for pi. Put it into the pi. Put it back in the notebook slot and my screen looked like back then when you lost the TV signal. Could reproduce it several times. Sometimes also turns off laptop or wifi. Also happened using a fresh live usb stick. Very strange. Did not happen so far with . Actually rules out hardware issues. Any ideas?

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The well-known free software image editor GIMP now has its own team account on Liberapay:

This means that you can donate to the project as a whole, then its members will decide how to split the money, whereas previously you had to figure out by yourself who the contributors are and how much to donate to each one.

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i think it's safe to say that never ever had such an amount of user reports to deal with before. interesting. however, reporters please note that it's hard to process each one in just five minutes. #tchncs :tchncs: :mastodon:

Did it! Set up on my home server accessible from the web. :-)
It might be a small step for an IT pro, but it was a huge leap for me. ;-)

From pieces to perfection! 😁 I guess, this week's project is a pure success. 😊
Backside board for all receivers and stuff to be done...

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This week we published the first #TWIF:

Trial run, hope we can continue this on the future! πŸ˜ƒ

up and running! 😁

Awesome and simple way to keep my plain text Todo lists in sync.

*feeling nerd* πŸ˜‚

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Government of France: Matrix / Riot confirmed as the basis for upcoming official secure messenger.

"France has confirmed it is in the process of deploying a huge private federation of Matrix homeservers spanning the whole government, and developing a fork of for use as their official secure communications client!

The goal is to replace usage of WhatsApp or Telegram for official purposes."

Germany went Nextcloud and now this!

#France #Matrix #messenger

Anyone knows any GOOD documentations for setting up your private server using raspberry pi 3? Maybe also running Nextcloud or similar floss stuff (interesting solutions welcome)? Never done it, but want to now! Thanks for your experience. :blobthumbsup:

Pure simplicity with a nostalgic touch :owi:

@ConnyDuck hmmm...ok. Now sending this second toot the notification disappeared. :thinking_hard:
Maybe not a issue :)

@ConnyDuck Sorry, cannot open an issue right now, but thought you might wanna now. Sending a toot with (current f-droid version), the toot definitely is send, but in the notification bar, "sending toot" is continuing indefinitely even when closing the app. Nokia 6 with Oreo.

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Welcome to the world of Open Source. Where you don't need to call a support hotline, speak to x different support agents and wait a week to get an issue fixed.

In the Wonderful World of OS you go to GitHub, open an issue with all the details (device info, version info, steps to reproduce, debug logs) and - hooray - 4 hours later it's fixed, and on the same evening there's a new version out πŸŽ‰

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