Explain how the FUCK a mouse/keyboard driver could, under REASONABLE conditions, be non-GDPR compliant?

What the __fuck__

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@indrora To be fair, as far as I know, Synapse is *not* a driver per-se. It's a configuration/setup/control panel application. If that requires a login, for cloud sync or whatever, then it is entirely reasonable that they collect and control at least some personal data, and is thus affected by the GDPR.

@algernon You're required to run Synapse to, apparently, **use** the device in any logical capacity -- e.g. the reasons you bought it beyond "a mouse" or "a keyboard".

oh, and Synapse is bundled with the driver. And apparently phones home even before you've set it up.

I continue my __what the fuck__ state.

@indrora If it logs statistics about the frequency of key movements & sends them to the manufacturer to cross-reference with returns / service requests, it'd be non-GDPR compliant. (I don't know of any that do this openly, though some have been discovered to do it secretly; printers do this kind of thing openly all the time though.)

@indrora And this exactly why we need GDPR sadly --'.

@indrora most of this shit (like the nvidia experience thing) require people to have user accounts to get driver updates or whatever. it's really outrageous

@indrora because perhaps the software drives not only your hardware but somebody's cloud. :oyvey:

@indrora hey, I just read your blog post about mastodon. For some reason I get an error when I try to follow you here.

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