Note that I put this up for both sides of the equation:

If your instance is a bunch of shitheads that actively ridicule anyone that doesn't conform to their specific ideals, that's an echo chamber (in a way)

If your instance defederates from any instance that has contrarian views, that's the beginning of an epistemic bubble.

I would encourage more instances to silence, not suspend instances. Hold your users to the bar you expect.

@bthall It makes content from that instance opt-in, as opposed to a total ban. You don't that instance's content on the federated timeline but boosts of content from there from un-silenced instances make it in, and will show up on your local timeline.

@bthall it's not perfect but it does mean that instances (e.g. can federate with instances with questionable content (e.g. in a user-controlled way.

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