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Indrora, maker of things?

Backdoored images downloaded from DockerHub 5 million times

Malware installed through DockerHub can also escape the container, so may continue to run.

Friends don't let friends install unreproducible black box container images.

as much as i like #firefox for mobile, it still feels way too slow... (even though the same isn't true for firefox for desktop) 😞

ATTENTION: This shitpost was federated to you via FreeBSD

@lain that fucking webm/mp4/etc has haunted my dreams.

Windows 8, hardware Show more

Windows 8, hardware Show more

@algernon You're required to run Synapse to, apparently, **use** the device in any logical capacity -- e.g. the reasons you bought it beyond "a mouse" or "a keyboard".

oh, and Synapse is bundled with the driver. And apparently phones home even before you've set it up.

I continue my __what the fuck__ state.


Explain how the FUCK a mouse/keyboard driver could, under REASONABLE conditions, be non-GDPR compliant?

What the __fuck__

⃬͙⃮̔̾᷅︣⃞̸⃫⃫̧͎̎̀̎ᷜᷓ⃖̇ᷚ᷋͟4⃚̢̲⃮⃖ͫ́ᷕ͑᷉⃞̙︡̍̿⌉⃓⃪ͧͪ⃕͛̐̕͝⃣⃚⃫̴⃫᷐⃨̜͔̲̮⃛͗᷉⃛ͨ⃖ᷖ⃡͐ ⃤⃦⃪⃮̗̎ᷥ⃖ᷚ́ᷛ͞⃣⃒⃚͖⃮͉ᷗ⃩ᷦͅ0᷎᷽⃨⃯̜̗⃡⃧̉͒ᷦ͋᷄⃖ͬ̊᷍⃢̳⃬̪︣⃧ᷔ́̏᷈͂̈4⃕ᷘ

I'm getting brakes and alignment done on my van today-

help, support, boosts, etc would be appreciated!!