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Seems to be an influx of Brazilians today. Seeing a lot of Portuguese in the local feed.

What might be a hard rule for your domain is literally a non-concern for someone else.

Having your concerns is fine. Hell, you may very well be 100% correct. On the other hand, be willing to explain how a concern is outside the domain of your argument. Give your reasoning *as a good argument* as to why. Also be willing to dig into the reasons for your opponent's argument. You might learn something

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I'm missing seeing a friend on Telegram.

They got a little worked up over a pointless argument where both sides were correct for different scopes of the argument's domain. That's the problem with technical arguments: two sides can be right *at the same time*.

We forget that technical arguments need to stay in the technical domain. We need to be able to set down an argument *and* understand that tradeoffs exist. In tech, there are very few hard-line rules.

@makyo I want you to know I'm barking at yaml because of you.

It'll be worth it though :3

I think an issue that federated services like peertube, Mastodon, and others have is that there's not one site you can can point to for people to join. If you want a friend to follow you on Twitter, even if they don't know about Twitter (somehow) you can just say go to You can tell them features of it, tell them what to expect, how to navigate, etc. but with federated stuff it's kinda like "well, some places have these features, others don't but it's ok cause they can still see the different parts and they have their own unique features, they don't all look and act the same, good luck picking one" and that can be a bit overwhelming especially for non tech people


Feeling down after finding out that I didn't get GSoC this year.

I put in two proposals and really, REALLY was depending on it. I'll be in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area but I'm seriously feeling like a failure today. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Sure, I have projects, and at least have food/shelter/partner, but yeah.

it's really easy to get into this situation for me. I feel like literal garbage. I have no motivation.

Wondering if I picked the wrong fucking industry.

Hm, apparently #letsencrypt now provides mor than 50% of the web certificates.


On the other: Shit. They're getting very powerful and we are centralizing our trust. I think we could reallu use 2-3 new orgs like Letsencrypt, with similar technology and mission statement, but entirely independent.

Are there any out there yet?

Was going to be chipper and early to my 9:30 class. Then I realized my first class today starts at 11.

I like nice long breakfasts.

Silicon Valley is dominated by guys like Zuckerburg who lack this historical perspective and it is sad and a bit dangerous. The only world they know is post-9/11 where valuing privacy is often viewed with suspicion and are taught by those in power that surveillance keeps us safe and secure.

Add to that the only Internet they've ever known is one being monetized almost completely by targeted advertising?

Seems society has failed a whole generation.

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You ever wonder, fellow Americans, if maybe we should have elected that guy with a boot on his head?

Note that I put this up for both sides of the equation:

If your instance is a bunch of shitheads that actively ridicule anyone that doesn't conform to their specific ideals, that's an echo chamber (in a way)

If your instance defederates from any instance that has contrarian views, that's the beginning of an epistemic bubble.

I would encourage more instances to silence, not suspend instances. Hold your users to the bar you expect.

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this reminds me of that time i off-handedly called someone a "psycho"

and someone showed up to be like "blah blah thats an ableist slur", then i and a few other people were like "i thought it was a reference to psychopaths"

the whole point of the word psychopath is that it literally just means someone who is a piece of shit who goes out of their way to cause harm without remorse.

it's not a mental illness. it can't be treated. you can't treat asshole-syndrome, aside from holding people accountable.

and this kid's argument was that "psycho" was a reference to "psychotic", which is a completely different thing.

so i just kinda said okay whatever.

but this kid just kept going and going, acting like simply NOT KNOWING something is a mortal sin.

drawing up comparisons of how "trans people have existed forever" therefore i should magically know stuff about trans people.

so i said okay thats a stupid comparison, because i'm trans. but due to my upbringing i didn't know what trans was until i was like 24.

so obviously people don't just magically know stuff.

then after a while of trying to explain to this kid how knowledge works, they start dropping racist slurs just for the sake of being edgy and trying to get a reaction out of me.

i just blocked them, because it was clearly gonna be nothing but a waste of time after that.


this whole "pleroma is for nazis" business reminds me A LOT of that encounter.

because clearly, even if "pleroma is for nazis", then mastodon is for trolls who misuse and weaponize bad social justice rhetoric just for harassment and creating conflict.

The fact that @bigben is on a UK instance makes me feel so good about how the fediverse is turning out.

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